Friday, February 3, 2017

Shining Star Award: The Escort by Jeff Erno

Title: The Escort
Author: Jeff Erno
Publisher: Sea to Sky Publishing
Genre: MM, Contemporary
Pages: 265
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb

At twenty-five, Travis Sheppard knows all about taking care of himself. He’s been on his own since the age of seventeen, and he learned long ago how to use his assets and natural-born talent to get what he needs…and wants. Travis is a hustler, a male escort, and he caters to men of means who like to shower him with gifts and cash in exchange for his affection—sometimes for his mere presence.

When Travis accepts an overnight gig with a new client, he’s surprised by the fact the customer has pre-paid. When Travis arrives at the gentleman’s surprisingly modest home, he learns that his client is an accomplished, best-selling author. Darren, otherwise known as DJ Torrent, makes Travis a proposal. He wants Travis to accompany him to a gay literature conference. The catch is that for their five days together, Travis is to be more to Darren than just his escort. Darren wants Travis to pose as his husband.


The Escort by Jeff Erno is a fun read. What I particularly enjoyed about this book is it reminded me a lot of my own experiences at a romance conference. Everything from some can be catty to the ones you love and stay in touch with well beyond the conference. I also liked how in touch with author's feelings and some issues in the MM community this book got. I say this one is really well done from that perspective.
I also loved the connect that Travis and Darren develop over the time they are together. It feels very real. I loved the almost gentle heat they have. There is real chemistry there and I as the read felt that.
Travis he has been taking care of himself since he was 17. He is an escort and knows to how to turn on the charm to get what he needs. It does frustrate him at first that Darren appears immune to his charms. I think it causes him to really reach inside himself for the first time and see the man he has become.
Darren I loved this character. He is geeky, shy, and reclusive. I liked that he is very sweet and caring. I also liked how I knew there was more to his story than we at first knew about. He has many layers and as this book went on they slowly peel back to reveal the real man within.
Over all I say this one is a must read. Very romantic, very real, and most of all a book I could not put down. 

                  Five Shooting Stars and a Reviewer's Choice Award


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