Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Double Down & Dirty by Samantha A. Cole

Title: Double Down & Dirty
Series: Doms of The Covenant, 1
Author: Samantha A. Cole
Publisher: Samantha A. Cole
Genre and Pairing: Contemporary and M/F/M
Page Count: 113 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Grayson and Remington Mann. Fraternal twins. CEOs of Black Diamond Records. Dominants in the BDSM lifestyle who enjoy sharing the same woman.

Abigail Turner. The Mann brother’s personal secretary. An innocent woman who is off limits. Or is she?

Come meet the Doms of The Covenant and the submissives who bring them to their knees.

Abigail loves her boss, both of them, but they will never see her as anything other than their personal secretary. Remi and Gray share everything, including their women, and much as they want Abigail, they do not want to date employees. But when they see a side of Abigail that dovetails nicely with their needs, will they break their own rules?
In Double Down & Dirty by Samantha A. Cole, we get to see the lives of members of The Covenant. And I must say that not only am I enjoying the premise, I enjoyed Remi and Gray. Ms. Cole allowed us to visit the club and see another side of its members. Remi and Gray are not military, current or retired; they are in the music industry, successful but still different then what we have seen to date. I loved that they set out to seduce Abigail by showing her how much they appreciate who she is. Abigail isn’t sure she is ready for the change in her relationship with Gray and Remi, but I loved how willing she was to take a leap of faith. Abigail’s innocence was a nice contrast to the debauchery coming her way. I also enjoyed the budding relationship between her and Summer (this sisterhood felt good). But the growing intimacy between Abigail and her men was well articulated by Ms. Cole. I thoroughly enjoyed this quick read and hope to see more in this world by Ms. Cole.

                       Five Shooting Stars

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