Thursday, February 2, 2017

Claiming His Cub by Kayleigh Malcolm

Title: Claiming His Cub
Series: RCMP: Pride, 1
Author: Kayleigh Malcolm
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: MM, Paranormal
Pages: 51
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb

Dary, an officer with the Paranormal/Research/Intelligence/Discipline and Education (PRIDE) department of the RCMP, has little time to pursue his personal interests outside of his job. As a dominant bear shapeshifter in his prime, and a taste for slim, trim boy-toys, his preference has brought him to a crossroad—his desire to find a partner to share his life with is overcast by immature males who don’t share his interests. When he learns about the 1Night Stand service and Madame Eve’s incredible track record for successful matches, he utilizes a rare weekend away from his job to indulge in some much-needed fantasy.

Rhudaii is a unique man in every imaginable way. With an unusually youthful appearance and a little known inherent bombshell of his own, he longs for a deeper connection with a man than just instant gratification. Being an avid romance junkie, Rhoo plans a getaway to a book convention in Ottawa, except surrounded by hundreds of women isn’t what he’s looking for. Instead, he arranges a date through the 1Night Stand service.

When the men meet sparks fly and the sexual tension soars. Each of them has a secret that could make or break any potential long-term relationship. But, what if they have more in common than they thought?

Claiming His Cub by Kayleigh Malcolm is the first book in the RCMP Pride series and part of the One Night Stand series. I found for a first to a series this one is really good. As a one night stand book, it is okay.
Dary has been a Royal Canadian Mounty, he was assigned to the Pride Detachment of the RCMP. He is used to handling unusual cases, after all this what what Pride does. He is a bear shifter himself. He is really lonely and would like to come home and have someone there for him. He is a natural dominate. And he agreed to the one night stand because he hopes with Eve's reputation she can find his one. The one he can have for always.
Rhoo he has taken a lot of heat because of the books he loves, he has always been teased about it. He wants to fall in love and share everything with another person. Very romantic at heart. Also a natural submissive.
Over all there is a ton thrown into this book. I think if the author had scaled back somethings it would have flowed better for me. But it is a great start to a series. As for a 1NS it is a hard read for that. Most of the 1NS books are easier to read than this one, so on that scale just be prepared to read and get absorbed in the story. Over all I loved this one, I would love to see more from this series in the future.

                                                         Five Shooting Stars

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