Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A Soldier's Triumph by Lynne St.James

Title: A Soldier’s Triumph
Series: Beyond Valor, 3
Author: Lynne St. James
Publisher: Coffee Bean Press
Genre and Pairing: Contemporary and M/F
Page Count: 117 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Threatening the wife of an alpha male is a huge mistake!
Wounded in action, Alex Barrett is stuck in a wheelchair. But it won't stop him from protecting the love of his life. Come hell or high water, he'd find a way to keep Lily safe.

Devastated at how close she came to losing her husband, Lily Barrett will do anything to protect him--even if it means not telling him when her life is in danger.

When Alex finds out, he enlists the help of some old teammates who run the Eagle Security & Protection Agency. Will these ex-military men be able to help Alex save his wife before it's too late?

Lily is a soldier’s wife. She knows the risks. But when Alex is injured and bound to a wheelchair, she isn’t sure Alex was ready to accept those risks. So when her job puts her in danger, can she trust the new Alex with her life?
In A Soldier’s Triumph by Lynne St. James, we see a more painful side of military service. Alex feels less than a man and hurts the one who loves him the most. But Lily is a fighter and determined to fight not only for her man but also her marriage. I loved how Ms. St. James handled this touchy subject. Alex was struggling with his new reality and so is Lily. But with the help of friends, new and old, this couple finds their way through obvious and not so obvious obstacles. I loved Lily’s tenacity. The love she feels for Alex is apparent in everything she does and says. And while Alex is struggling to feel deserving, his love is equally strong. But will he learn what matters too late?
Ms. St. James gives us a story full of love and hope. Although it is a quick read I did not feel rushed. This story is well written and the emotions real. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting this world and look forward to where Ms. St. James will take us next.
                               Five Shooting Stars

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