Sunday, January 1, 2017

Winners List!!!

Winner's List for Love is… Party

Author                                    Winner
Dakota Trace           

TL Reeve                 

Evelise Archer                  (slholland22 {at} hotmail {dot}com

A.M. Arthur              

Lola White               

Madison Sevier        

Cree Storm                         sassytdw

Elizabeth Noble                   Lee Todd

Diana Castilleja/Diana DeRicci Winner is Sula

Annabeth Albert                    sassytdw

Sarah Marsh                            Debby

Clare Dargin                            Debby

Caitlin Ricci               

Ashley Scott                             Debby

Kali Argent                                Bobby B

Linda Mooney                         Helen Henderson

Marianne Stephens                    Melissa Keir

Asta Idonea                                   Sula

Kacey Hammell                             sassytdw

Claire Gem                                     Debby

S.J. MayLee                                  sassytdw

Gail Koger                                      Debby

Jules Dixon                                        Sula

Anny Cooke                                   sassytdw

Elena Kincaid                

M. A. Church                                      Debby

Megan Slayer/ Wendi Zwaduk Winner is Sula

Shannon West                                    Lee Todd

Lia Davis                                              sassytdw

Shari Elder                                              Debby

A.E.Via                                                      Sula

Renee Pellegrino                                       Debby

Cindy Spencer Pape                         Anne Seebaldt

L.A. Merrill                                           Debby

Sabrina York                                        sassytdw

PG Forte                                               Teacher

Beck Robertson                                         Debby

Above is the list of authors and the winners. If you won and do not see an email next to your name is because non was provided in the blog.   Please provide your email in the comments section so the author can email you.

Authors, you now can email your winner with their prize.  Thank you so much for being a part of this month of love.  Without you none of this is possible.

 I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year may it bring happiness, love, and lots of tackle hugs. 

Tina owner of Redz World Reviews 


Bobbie B said...

mamaboo7907(at)gmail for Ms. Kali ;)

Debby said...

Thanks so much. My email is debby236 at gmail dot com

sassytdw said...

Thank you so much. sassytdw email is

Claire Gem said...

The email for Claire Gem is

Sula said...

Happy New Year and thank you so much for the interesting author posts about what love means to them. Thank you to all the authors as well <3 My email is slholland22 {at} hotmail {dot} com

* Just to note that my email address is also listed above for Evelise Archer and that (sorry that I mistyped) it does not have a bracket before the slho....

Gail Koger said...

To my winner, Debby, please email me at

elizabeth noble said...

Hi, Lee Todd you're my winner so please email me at

Thanks for playing!

Sweden Reese said...

What a fabulous contest, Tina! Congratulations to the winners!

PG Forte said...

Such a fun contest. Thank you, Tina! And my winner can email me at

Tina brunelle said...

Thank you everyone for playing! I love this month of fun. Be sure to come back periodically, I have authors here to promo books all the time. Also we do some pretty darn good reviewing if I do say so myself. I love my team I work with they are the bestest ever. This part of the contest is open for one week, then it closes. So be sure to contact winners, and winners contact your author if they leave an addy to do so. Love and hugs!!

Clare Dargin said...

Hi @Debby, contact me via Facebook or Twitter or contact Tina to get my address so I can send you your prize!

If you friend me via Facebook or Twitter, you can message me Directly and then we can go from there. Facebook- Clare.Dargin and Twitter claredargin.

K! Look forward to your message!

Lee Todd said...


thank you very much :)