Sunday, January 22, 2017

Why I love Geeks by T.A. Chase

Title: Why I love Geeks
Series: Why I love...
Author: T.A. Chase
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: MM, Contemporary
Pages: 197
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Chuck Davidson has an aversion to modern technology. He likes sports, beer, and classic cars. Chuck’s a homicide detective, and it’s put a damper on his relationships. Hard to find a guy who will put up with his crazy hours. How is he to know that planning the impending death of his newest phone will bring him in contact with a cute geek who just might have a thing for rugged, slightly out-of-touch with the newest gadgets older men?

Herbert Pommerest has never been on a date or even kissed a man before. Oh, he knows he’s gay. He did all the experiments to ensure it was true, not just a rebellious phase or a knee-jerk reaction because women scared him to death. It’s easy to hide himself behind his research and daydream about what having a boyfriend would be like. Saving an expensive phone from an early demise brings him in contact with a street-wise mature detective. Suddenly Herb wishes he knew how to flirt because he’d love to take some lessons from Chuck Davidson of the sensual kind.

Can a geek and a detective find common ground between their worlds before one of Chuck’s cases threatens to put Herb in danger?

Why I love Geeks is the first book in the Why I love… series by author T.A. Chase. I am a huge fangirl of this author. I would buy anything they wrote. However on the scale of what I expect from them as an author, this book fell short for me. There is a certain connection, the spark of life this author brings to the table and in this book it is missing. Not a bad book per-say, just not to the standard I would say I am used to from this author. This book left me with a Meh feeling after reading it.
Okay love interest who are they? We have New York homicide detective Chuck Davidson. He is a great cop just really technologically challenged. Lucky for him he is cute and Herb is a whiz at technology.
Herb happens to see Mr.Sexy detective struggling and of course wants to help. He is the poster child for geeks everywhere. Never dates, stays buried in research, shy you get the picture here. I loved that about him. I have a soft spot for geeks and Herb really is special.
Over all the chemistry between these two is okay. Not off the charts or anything. The storyline is great, and the pace is good. This author always brings great story telling to the table. Had the connection been a bit better I would have loved this one more, but as it is it is an okay read. If you are a fan I suggest getting it cause you know it is T.A. Chase and you have to read everything this author writes . 

                        Four Twinkling Stars

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