Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Up in Flames by Trista Ann Michaels

Title: Up in Flames
Series: Entwined Fates, 9
Author: Trista Ann Michaels
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre and Pairing: Sci-fi and M/F
Page Count: 126 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Cara Nubel is a trained Mundi, an emotionless assassin, but she's also the only child of Bellara's ruler Chancellor Nubel. When her planet erupts into civil war, her father is murdered, and Cara is forced into a crude cryosleep chamber in order for her to escape.

Dr. Hayden Marcone is shocked to find the chamber floating in space in the middle of the Military shipping lanes. When he finds a body inside, he's even more shocked. The recorded message she carries tells who she is, who to contact and why her survival is important, but Hayden's only concern is whether or not she'll even remember her own name once she comes to.

When Cara awakens, she's weak, confused, and surprised to learn she went from feeling nothing to feeling everything, including desire for the man who's helping her to get better. But when their lives are threatened and her new emotions take over, Cara finds she’s more a killer when she feels and doesn’t like what she sees in herself.

She finds herself in a struggle with the duel sides of herself. The good and the bad. How will she merge them and will Hayden even want her if she could, especially after seeing the bloodshed she’s left in her wake?

Trained to feel nothing. Trained to kill. Cara’s psychic powers limited her future but when her father is murdered, she feels more than she should. Will her emotions save her or send her spiraling out of control? Hayden doesn’t see a killer when he looks at Cara. He sees a woman struggling to re-cork her bubbling emotions. He sees a woman he would like to have a future with, but will her past allow her to grasp a future filled with love? In Up in Flames by Trista Ann Michaels we meet children grown. While this series can be read as a stand alone, you will better enjoy the story if it is read in chronological order. Hayden is more cerebral than his brother, father or uncle. But he is equally protective. Cara doesn’t really need his protection, at least physically. I loved that Cara was a weapon and way more dangerous than Hayden on his best day, but she needed Hayden. She needed the balance and understanding he brought to their budding relationship. Ms. Michaels gave us a character in Cara that was innocent and pure of heart, but extremely deadly. It was an interesting dichotomy which I found added to the growing love between Hayden and Cara. Hayden had to fight not only Cara but himself. His sense of honor made it difficult for him to see Cara as more than a patient. Cara refused to allow her inexperience to define what she could have with Hayden. Ms. Michaels gave us two strong willed characters who became friends before they became lovers. Would they get the opportunity to build upon their physical relationship to forge a future? You can only find out within the pages of Ms. Michaels’ ninth installment in the Entwined Fates series.

                        Five Shooting Stars

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