Monday, January 23, 2017

Shining Star Award: Benevolent Master by Dakota Trace

Title: Benevolent Master
Series: Doms of Napa Valley, 3
Author: Dakota Trace
Publisher: Trace Imaginations
Genre: MF, BDSM light, Contemporary
Pages: 150
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Alyce O'Connell is a desperate woman. With her thesis almost complete on the intricate relationships between dominants and submissives, her advisor, Dr. Gylberte won't sign off on it, until she has some actual in 'the field' experience. She can't believe the woman has actually withholding her approval until Alyce has experienced at least a few weeks in the role of a dominant or submissive. So she sets off to do what any determined grad student does - immerse herself in the lifestyle until she has enough vital information to convince Dr. Gylberte she isn't talking out the side of her neck.

Kaleb Terzis loves his life. He not only gets to help kids by running one of the most popular youth art centers in Napa Valley, he also works part time as a Dominant at New Beginnings with several of his friends. He's footloose and free - content to play the field of willing submissives, until a spit-fire of woman comes into the club, all in the name of research.
Prepared to hand off Alyce to Master Ethan, he never expects her to request that he show her the ropes. Is he ready to take on an inquisitive young woman, who masks her natural need to submit under the guise of research, teach her what she wants to know and still be able to walk away?

Benevolent Master by Dakota Trace is the third book in the Doms of Napa Valley series. This is my first time reading this series, I was not lost at all reading this story.
I loved this story. Truly beautifully written and masterfully done. I loved how Ms. Trace makes me fall in love with her characters, and really want to know what is happening next. This book makes me want to go back and see the books I have missed. I have been missing out on an amazing series!!
The little girl in this book with autism, that was expertly done. I have a child with autism, I could really relate to this and it was handle like the author actually really knows what she is talking about.
Alyce she wants to graduate with a degree in psychology. She already has a great job lined up. She just needs to submit this thesis and graduate. When her professor suggests she get more research, from going to a club, Alyce is not thrilled. She has just come out of a marriage where it was abusive she doesn't want to look for more of the same. But she wants to graduate more. When she goes her sister who I don't get why she chooses to go with her sister. When you get towards the end of the book you will see what I mean. That to me was a glaring inconsistency. But any ways she takes her sister who is rude and gets them kicked out. But before they get hit on the way out with the door Alyce meets Kaleb. Kaleb is more than intrigued with Alyce.
Kaleb can see the submissive in Alyce and he knows he could be the Dom to bring it out. She just has to let him. I like how straight forward Kaleb is. I liked watching him go from stiff dominate mode to more boyfriend and lover mode. He has a lot of dimensions to him. I loved seeing them unfold.
Over all this book is a great must read. Really beautifully done. Great pace to the over all storyline, and amazing realistic characters that I loved getting to know. I would love to read more in this series in the future and go back to read those I missed.

                Five Shooting Stars and Shining Star Award

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