Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Cyrus by Frey Ortega

Title: Cyrus
Series: The Kindred Series, 1
Author: Frey Ortega
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: MM, Paranormal, Contemporary
Pages: 138
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
A jaded creature of the night—immortal, blood-drinker, vampire...

Cyrus has lived millennia in solitude, a jaded creature of the night; immortal, a blood-drinker, vampire... He has long since given up hope of finding his Kindred, the other half of his soul. The one who will give meaning to his lonely existence and make the rest of eternity bearable.

A beautiful young man destined to be his Kindred…

Then fate delivers Bastien Durand, to Cyrus’s home—the Chateau Sanguine, an opulent gambling establishment in Monte Carlo. Within hours, his father lays dead and Bastien’s life is forever changed at the hands of a creature he never knew existed. Distraught and conflicted, he finds himself falling helplessly under Cyrus’ spell.

A cruel twist of fate…

Plans within plans threaten Bastien and Cyrus’ budding relationship. There are those determined to see Cyrus’ empire fall…by any means necessary. Can their love survive a bloody feud threatening not only their relationship, but the lives of the people around them? Or will they both pay the ultimate price for love?

Cyrus, the first book in the Kindred Series, is a gay erotic paranormal romance with a HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

Cyrus by Frey Ortega is the first book in the Kindred series. This read was pretty good for a start to a series. There is a ton of information that sometimes took me out of the love story, but a lot of times first books in a series do that. As for the love story itself, fairly good. I think I would have a better feel for the story in book two. There was a lot of introduction which you need in this first book. I also need to get a better feel for some of the characters.
Bastian he comes to the casino with his father. He is a quiet, sweet, artistic man. His father doesn't respect him cause Bastian is gay. He is 19 and very innocent.
Cyrus is the opposite he is jaded. Far older. Hard worker who hates cleaning up other people's messes. He has a great heart. But can be vicious if need be after all he is an immortal vampire.
Over all a great start to what promises to be a very interesting series. I would love to see book two and find out who falls in love next and just how the bond of the kindred works over time.

                    Four twinkling Stars

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