Saturday, December 10, 2016

Love is ... with Kali Argent and CONTEST

Hi, everyone!! First, a big thanks to Redz World for having me today!
So, let’s talk about love. One of my husband’s friends asked this very question on Facebook a few weeks ago. “What does love mean to you?” He got a lot of answers like, “Honesty. Loyalty. Sweet.”
While not technically wrong, I have a much different definition. To me, things like honesty and loyalty are personality traits. In other words, these people were describing the type of person they want to fall in love with, which is fine and all. As someone who has been successfully in love for 18 years and married for almost 15, let me just say that it’s not all sunshine, roses, and backrubs.
Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”
Uh, what? Whoever came up with this saying has clearly never been in love. If my husband leaves the toilet seat up and I fall into the freezing water at 2:00 am, I damn sure expect an apology. That doesn’t mean I love him any less. When you love someone, you have no problem apologizing when you’re wrong.
Now, what is love to me? Simple.
Love is easy. I’m not saying relationships don’t take work, or that there aren’t days I want to murder my husband in his sleep. Love, however, takes no work. No matter how mad I am, even when I feel like I’m going to be pissed off forever, I still love my husband. It’s as natural and automatic as breathing. He’s still my number one, and I’ll always have his back, just like I know he’ll always have mine.
Love is belonging. This marriage, this relationship, this is where I’m comfortable. This is where I belong. Even when we’re miles apart for days at a time, I never feel alone. On the other hand, when we’re both home, in our separate offices, doing our separate jobs, and I haven’t talked to him all day, there’s still a sense of peace I get just knowing he’s in the house.
And that’s what loves mean to me. What about you?

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Bobbie B said...

making treats as a family :)

sassytdw said...

Having dinner with immediate and extended family

Debby said...

I love dinner with the family. We laugh and reminisce and remember why we love each other.