Saturday, December 10, 2016

Love is... with author Ashley Scott and CONTEST

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 Love Is…
Love is unsuspected, disguised, until one day when you think you were so distanced from it-it crashes right into you literally like a brick wall. You don’t feel physical pain but emotional. Love is a moment in time when you meet that special someone who changes your life forever. Love is surprising, eccentric-I believe love can occur anywhere. I met my husband in the break room of a grocery store, I’ll admit it wasn’t love at first sight. But as our time together grew, so did our friendship until one day it blossomed into a healthy loving relationship.
Love is always changing. In time it can blossom into stronger relationships, stronger partnerships with your family, friends, and your significant other.
My new adult paranormal has different layers of romance hidden throughout the text in between all the chaos occurring around the main characters. I believe love can help heal deep wounds and can help bind one another together in really stick situations which is why my writing reveals that in the text. In my opinion love is required in anything you do.
In my book Demon Anarchy the main characters are threatened by the existence of demons in New York City. The leading main characters are two female heroines who portray strong personalities to overcome the evil presence of demons in their city with love, persistence, and just sheer luck. Check out the blurb to Demon Anarchy below, enjoy!

Demon Anarchy

The battle for New York has begun. Demons imprisoned for years, sent far from their planet to Earth, have broken their bonds. Among them is a demon queen ready to claim Earth as her own by devouring humans and raising an army. Follow the path of two young women, new recruits of a demon hunting company, in an attempt to stop a war of demons vs humans. Secrets are revealed, trust and honesty run a fine line...will the demon queen take over the city or will the company's new recruits have the courage and knowledge to save it from total destruction?

Enter to win a free e-book of Demon Anarchy. Simply respond in the comments by telling me your favorite weapon of choice against a demon. The winner will be announced January 1st!

About the Author

A resident of Maine, Ashley Scott published her first book titled Demon Anarchy, in the fall of 2016. Planning to dabble into different genres in the near future, she hopes to reach readers far and wide.
Her obsession with writing began in middle school with her daily diaries until high school when she wrote many stories and forced her friends to read her terrible grammar and spelling.

When she's not busy writing or working full time she'll spend time with her cat, dog, and loving husband.

You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and her Amazon's Author Page.






To be entered into Ashley's Contest, what is your favorite song. Let us know in the comments below

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Debby said...

My favorite weapon of choice would be a laser. I think. I have never gone up against a demon before.