Monday, December 12, 2016

Love is... Marianne Stephens and contest~~

Love Is…
by Marianne Stephens

How can you explain what love means…since it would mean different things to different people? There’s no “set” way to define love. So, here’s a list to consider:
  1. There’s the love you have for your family, friends, children. But the love you have for one special person is so different.
  2. Love is that tingling feeling you get when a special someone is with you.
  3. Love is never wanting to be without that person; always looking forward to your next encounter.
  4. Love is feeling sad when you miss that special someone.
  5. Love is sharing a first kiss, embrace, and knowing you want more closeness.
  6. Love is taking your relationship to a new level, sharing your lust and passion with that special person.
  7. Love is aching for his/her touch.
  8. Love is fighting, but making up to avoid separation and tears of regret.
  9. Love is wanting to please someone; making their needs/desires your goal.
  10. Love is surprising someone with a special gift/meal/trip that you know that person will enjoy.
  11. Love is snuggling together while relaxing. Sex doesn’t always have to happen.
  12. Love is taking care of someone while they’re ill…even if he/she’s a difficult patient.
  13. Love is letting go at times; enjoying separate interests.
  14. Love is sharing similar interests/music/activities.
  15. Love is growing old together and handling all the “old age” problems that may arise.
  16. Love is forgiveness, even if you don’t forget.
  17. Love is taking time to really get to know someone and their faults.
  18. Love is compromising and not always getting your way.
  19. Love is romance leading to marriage or long-term relationship.
  20. Love is being with whoever makes you happy.

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Happy road to romance and love!
Marianne Stephens

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Melissa Keir said...

What a cute post. It reminded me of the vintage books... Love is.... I had two. Both were with Peanuts characters and had some adorable images of what love is.

I wish you all the best with your books. I loved the other Naughty books. They are a must read!