Sunday, December 11, 2016

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Love is…Sacrifice

Sacrificing one’s self in one way or another is often considered the ultimate form of love. It’s been written about for ages in both the Bible and literature.

Most people believe the ultimate sacrifice is the giving of one’s own life to save another. But there are times when a person’s sacrifice doesn’t have to be so drastic.

There are times a person will sacrifice their home and sense of security in order to follow their spouse when s/he is transferred to a new location. People often sacrifice obtaining something like food, sleep, or clothing for themselves in order to give to another.

There’s also the sacrifice of denying yourself of everything, even something as simple as a small pleasure, in order to give that time to the one you love. That was my personal sacrifice. For several years I dropped everything to tend to my husband who was dying and in need of a heart transplant.

In my latest book, Their Battle Lord’s Sacrifice, Book 7 of The Battle Lord Saga, the hero, Yulen D’Jacques, is willing to sacrifice everything—his life and his home—for love.

Have you sacrificed something for love? Or know someone who has? Comment below. Since this is book 7 of my Battle Lord Saga, I will pick 7 winners who will have the choice of either an ebook (of any one of my books) or a $5 Amazon gift card!


Their Battle Lord’s Sacrifice
Book 7 of The Battle Lord Saga
A Futuristic/Post-Apocalyptic Romance
By Linda Mooney
Word Count: 62K
$3.99 e
Even though the truce between Mutahs and Normals, established by Battle Lord Yulen D’Jacques and his Battle Lady, Atty, is getting stronger and becoming more widespread, there are still divisions. After surviving the trap that had been set for them at Rocky Gorge, Yulen and Atty must return to Alta Novis to see how their people have fared. But after a brief stop in Wallis, they discover the Bloods have infiltrated both Mutah and Normal fortresses, blending in and biding their time until they receive the signal to attack.
Someone is taking control of the surrounding fortresses and using trained Bloods to get what they want, but Yulen will protect his people at all costs. Aware of the Bloods’ deception, the Battle Lord is left with no other choice but to continue on alone. With their newborn daughter still nursing, Atty must stay behind, but when she senses Yulen is in danger, she will stop at nothing to save him.
However, when it comes to his families’ lives being on the line, Yulen will be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice.
Warning! Contains a self-proclaimed deity, torture, coded messages, unorthodox nursing, nine bells, and a parental love that is greater than anything else in this world.
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Debby said...

I have done things differently but I never considered it a sacrifice.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Linda Mooney said...

Hello, Debby! Thank you for your comment. I am happily offering you a $5 Amazon gift card AND an ebook of your choice. Just peruse my website Then email me and let me know which ebook you prefer, and in what format. I'll send it and your gift card right out to you!


Helen Henderson said...

Interesting post. I've done several things you mentioned including following a husband, now 40 years later turn-about and he followed me to be closer to family. Blessing be yours for caring for a family member and to all caregivers. At present, am doing that also.

Congratulations on your 100th title.

Linda Mooney said...

Thank you, Helen! You're a winner, too! Email me at to claim your prize!