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Love is... Cree Storm and CONTEST

.... So why keep running from someone that could bring you back into the world of the living. Someone that might not only bring you a new purpose but help you continue on the one you started. Xavior is someone created in this crazy world to be your companion, friend, and lover. Someone you can talk to, lean on, and trust to be there when others might falter. Don't let fear take that from you. Talk to him. Tell him your fears. Be willing to listen to his. Soul mates are no different than a marriage. You need love, trust and communication in order to help it survive. If you continue to refuse your mate, he might not be there when you finally decide to pull your head out of your ass.”
If you think of all you don't have you can never see what you do. A trip with the man/woman you love to Paris or a brand new car your lover has just bought you sounds great, but honestly, to me, that does not represent love. Love is when that other half to your soul notices your eyes are tired and insists on you shutting down for the day and cuddling to watch something that is to entertain you, or prepares a fresh pot of coffee and greats you with a cup of it in the morning to start your day. Love is holding you when you are suffering and making you feel as if your problems are really theirs and listening to the fear or hurt you are feeling in that moment. Love is waking up and the first thing they make you do is laugh and just before you go to sleep he/she rolls over and kisses you good night. Love is when the person you love is busy in their day and takes that moment to call just to hear your voice or sees something he/she knows you would like and gets it for you. Love is being there for you during those good times as well as the bad...seeing you on your worst day and still thinking you are the most beautiful sight in their eyes. Love is appreciation for each other and not taking for granted that they are there....Love is the littlest deeds that make you feel like you are the center to the other persons world, a song that comes on the radio and makes you smile saying,...they wrote this with us in mind...Love is the hardest thing to find and maintain but the best and most wonderful feeling one person could have in the entire world.
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Haven Ranch 1
Midnight Madness
Cree Storm

Midnight has always struggled to understand why his parents would leave him alone and defenseless in the woods as a newborn. Now a man insists he has the answers to what happened and a future planned for him beyond any reasonable man's dream. Walking into the room and seeing six of the largest sexiest beast he had ever laid eyes on and another cutie in the corner, surprised and piqued Midnight's interest.
Discovering the body of the man Law had always looked at as the father he never knew was a rough day. Finding out that the man was not who he said he was, was even harder. Now he is told that the only way he can keep his home and help his people is if he mates with not only one of the sexy men sitting across from him but also a man he has fought and argued with since the day he arrived on the Refuge/Ranch.
Shaw didn't know what the hell fate was thinking asking him to mate with Law and a young man he had never laid eyes on before. He didn't know if he could do it. Even after being told that the fate of all shifters and paranormals depended on him doing just that.
Then shots are fired, and people are fighting for their very lives. Can Law, Shaw, and Midnight come together as fate has deemed or will the shifter world cease to exist?
"Gentlemen you need to stand down!" Buckley announced as he walked into the room.
Midnight was trying hard not to freak out. The Tigon was looking at him as if he was going to pounce and eat him and the larger man beside him had eyes that told Midnight what he had planned for him if he could get his hands on him. Although Midnight might think the two were fucking gorgeous, that didn't mean he was willing to put out on first sight. Shit maybe some dinner and a movie or a nice walk in a park might help, but he had never had sex with anyone and wasn't about to start it off by having it with one man let alone two that he didn't even know.
When none of the large beasts moved, Buckley's eyes reddened and his voice changed to that of a horror movie character, "I said stand down!"
Midnight watched in shock as everyone of the lugs seemed to shake themselves out of their deadly trance and look at each other in confusion.
"What the fuck is going on?" Law snarled.
Mr. Buckley smiled as if he had not a care in the world, saying, "If you will all take your seats, I will be happy to explain."
Sky grabbed Midnights hand and started dragging him to the door, snapping, "Not just no but hell no! We are so fucking out of here I can feel the pavement touching my feet."
"Mr. Brook, if you will just give me a moment to explain." Buckley said calmly.
Midnight saw the fear in Sky's eyes that he was trying to hide behind the brave words, "No Mr. Buckley, we will not. There is nothing, and trust me I mean nothing, you can say that is going to change our minds. This night has been far more eventful than we had planned already. First we're kicked out of a piss home because a bitch stops getting paid by the state. Then you come along telling us that some long lost great father left us in his will and you need us to come so you can read the damn thing."
"What the fuck is he talking about?"
"The old man didn't have any kids and he damn sure never mentioned grand kids!"
Mr. Buckley held up his hand to quiet the room, "If you all would just sit and calm down I can explain."
Shaking his head, Sky snapped, "Maybe you didn't understand me when I spoke so let me say it so you do. Fuck off! Nigh and I have a life to start and this crazy ass shit is not helping."
"But Mr. Brook, Mr. Roth wants you and Mr. Star are prime beneficiaries in Mr. Roth's estate. Mr. Roth wanted to make sure you were well cared for if he was not here to do it himself." Mr. Buckley explained.
Sky gave one of his fake smiles that really said kiss my ass, and said, "Well then you are lucky. You have enough people in this room to hold a séance and tell him we said thanks but no thanks."

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I am working my way through Twelve Labors so looking to read Deimus next

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I am very interested in the Havan Ranch series. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year <3