Friday, December 9, 2016

Love is ... Caitlin Ricci with Contest!!

Hello, I'm Caitlin Ricci and here's what I think of Love.

I believe in love because in all the world, in all of humanity, there is not one thing that is more worth living for, worth dying for, than love. Love starts wars and it saves lives. Love is courage, it is strength, and it is a thousand things wrapped up in a kiss and shared with a hug. It cannot be defined in words, only felt by those in it and envied by everyone around them. Love is a gift and to hold it and to know that it is yours is the most precious thing of all. It cannot be taken away and it cannot be denied and at the end of it all when there is nothing left in this world there will still be love.

I wrote that in 2014 when my dad died and I put it on a piece of basic lined paper and I put it into his coffin with him. I'm so much like my dad, more than I ever realized until after his death and that's the heartbreaking thing about our relationship. If I'd had the strength to tell him the truth about myself and if he had the strength to tell me about himself then we could have had a special bond of two outcasts and I believe we could have really been friends. I loved my dad but I never really knew his pain, his struggles, or his heartbreak until after his death. I only became honest with myself after his death. I became fearless because he couldn't be. I can proudly say who I am because he never had that chance and it breaks my heart that he was never able to be who he was out in the open like so many people I know can do now. He was raised in a different time than me. He clung to his religion as I have not. He thought that he was wrong and sinful for the things I now embrace. I love greatly and I hurt and I forgive because my dad never could. Through his death I've found my strength and my truth because he never got that chance and I wish I could hold him right now and tell him that he is loved, even flawed and broken as he was, because he brought happiness into the world and he brought love to those he could and he made a difference to everyone who met him.

To me this is love and I try to never let the people I love forget how important they are and how much they matter in this world, because I never want them to feel alone and rejected like my dad did.

If you want to connect with me and find out about my books, please visit me at or you can always email me at and please be kind to each other, and yourselves, today and every day.

I'm giving away a copy of my sexy lesbian short story, Galloping Hearts. To enter for the drawing, please leave a comment and tell me about the person you most wish that you could give love to today. They can be alive, they can be someone who has passed on, they can be a president or a fictional character. Who do you think most needs your love right now?

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