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Love is .... author Claire Gem and contest

Love Is . . .

“True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen.”

Francois duc de La Rochefoucauld courtesy of
Mr. duc de La Rochefoucauld was a 17th C. French writer and nobleman. He spent the majority of his life in the military, but when he retired, he joined a group of scholars in Paris. Francois wrote his Memoirs, and also what is referred to as his Maxims—pithy, philosophical statements, very seldom longer than a sentence or two.
He was very good at writing these “epigrams,” and in all, is credited with a collection numbering 504 of them. History remembers the Frenchman as a “romantic” and “very respectful and chivalrous toward women.” (Courtesy of
His lifetime was punctuated by four distinct periods, during each of which he was romantically obsessed with a different woman.
Now, have I just described the ultimate hero, or what? A nobleman, brave military man, intellectual scholar, creative and poetic, and a true romantic. So, I ask you, his quote with which I opened this piece—do you think the Frenchman ever knew true love? Or did he spend his entire life believing in its existence, but never finding it for himself?
I suppose we’ll never know, since Francois died in 1680, when media coverage to document his life and loves was slim to none. But it does seem, from perusing just a few of his cryptic Maxims, that he definitely believed in the magical phenomenon. How sad to think that a man so emotionally intuitive may have never found his soulmate.
Francois was also very perceptive and saw things in this life exactly the way they were. An example is this quote— “There are few virtuous women who are not tired of their part.” Ah, so Francois may have been one of the first men to see the female revolution coming. However, as a scholar of human nature, his Maxims, while considered a notable work of literature, did not always portray human nature in a flattering way. In our age, he would be called a realist. Perhaps also a feminist.
But undoubtedly, a gentleman.
So, is true love like a ghost? For those who have never been lucky enough to find it, then surely it must seem this way. But if you have, then you are a believer. And most likely, as I do, believe also in ghosts.
My 2016 New York Book Festival winner, Hearts Unloched, is a ghost story. The love between the hero and heroine, at the start, seems as elusive and ethereal as the ghost who haunts them both throughout the story. But by the end, they become believers—in both true love, and in ghosts.
And so as not to drop a spoiler on my novel, I will leave it at that.
To celebrate Redz World Reviews inviting me to be a guest on their blog, I’m giving away an e-copy of Hearts Unloched—or an audiobook, winner’s choice. I invite you to visit my Amazon Author Page to learn more about my contemporary and romantic suspense novels.

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