Sunday, December 4, 2016

Love is... A.M. Arthur Blog and Contest

Love is….

It’s kind of funny how our minds work. Whenever I hear certain phrases or keywords, my brain often attaches them to song lyrics. Usually they’re songs I know by heart, or that have some kind of meaning to me. This happens all the time when I think of the title of my February 2017 release, As I Am. I am forever flashing to the “take me as I am” line from the song “Take Me or Leave Me” in RENT. If you haven’t heard it, I’m sure YouTube has a clip, but the entire show is well worth watching/listening to.

So of course, in thinking of the theme for this blog post, “Love is…” my brain clamped down on the song “Love is Strange” by Mickey & Sylvia, which got its claws deep into pop culture thanks to being featured in the film Dirty Dancing. And the song title is quite correct. Love is strange. Some folks say you can’t choose who you love, and in some cases, that’s true. And as a romance author, it can be a lot of fun finding unexpected love between two very different characters (or in the case of ménage, three characters).

Dirty Dancing, a romance couched in a social message, is a prime example of strange love. A hotshot dancer from the wrong side of the tracks and a naïve go-getter from a wealthy family fall in love one unexpected summer. But they don’t simply fall in love, they fall in love through a shared love of dancing. Dancing helps them bond. It tears away the class issues that separate them and binds them together in a new way. Music is awesome like that.

In my m/m inspirational romance novel, Fractured Hymns, my two heroes develop a deep friendship first, but the threads of their romance take hold over their shared love of music—church hymns, in particular. Army vet Ethan gave up guitar playing years ago, but he takes it up again as hobby while recovering from a terrible injury. Stable hand Angel sings in the church choir, because doing so gives him peace from the mistakes in his past. Playing together, music opens their hearts to each other, and it’s with music that they overcome the obstacles in their path toward happiness.

Love is strange. Love is music. Love is any way you choose to define it.

Tell me about a song that inspires you in some way, or has marked a defining moment in your life.

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Debby said...

The Wind Beneath My Wings is very inspiring and has helped me in the past.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Sula said...
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Sula said...

Fix You by Cold Play, recognising when to let go and move on and start again, never give up and that you are worthy. Music connects you in so many ways, it's there for everybody... thank you for your post and for the giveaway (As I am is on my wish list) slholland22 {at} hotmail {dot} com

Zee said...

There is a Swedish children's song called Maja's visa. It is about a little girl born in May. Growing up my mom always called it my song. It still makes me feel special thinking about it

L Parks said...

A song that I love and I sing/listen to over and over is Enjoy the Ride by Landon Smith. There is a line that says "and if the glass is half empty, at least you have a cup. Don't rely on anyone else but yourself to fill it up". The whole song is great but I really love that line :)

Diane A said...

I have a playlist on my iPod called Just Sayin', which is a series of songs where the lyrics have meaning to me and there are currently 67 songs on this playlist! I'm not going to list them all, but the first two have had a lot of play this year - Pulse by Melissa Etheridge, she did the song after the Pulse tragedy and the message just really resonates with me. Still Breathing is the latest single from the newest Green Day album and I just love the lyrics. That song likely has the most play of late because of that!

Diane A said...

Oops, I was so thinking music, I forgot to leave my email!
It is diall(at)shaw(dot)ca!

Serena91291 said...

Somewhere Over The Rainbow, so nostalgic and hopeful. It's one of the songs I like to listen to when I need somthing to cheer me up.
Thanks for the chance!

Jen CW said...

When I need inspiration to keep moving and fight when things are going wrong, I always listen to I Stand Alone by Godsmack.

Michael Lorigan said...

The Rose by Better Miller. It's beautiful and poetic, and completely describes the concept of love.