Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Diana Castilleja and Diana DeRicci Love is... With Contest

Love is...

A huge convoluted topic. No really. It is. There's all kinds of love.
A love of food. A love of things. A love of money.

What happened to love of one another? Or even better, love of ourselves?

Honestly, I believe this is why readers read. Because we want to be
reminded of love. We as a species need to know that there is love on
this planet because it's so obviously missing from our everyday lives.
So we read to find it. It's not bad to do this. Not in the least.
Reading engages us, creates avenues for our imagination, avenues for
discussion, and even better, avenues for hope. Because love can and
does happen when we don't expect it, or when we aren't looking for it.

I also think that is what make romance as a genre so important. We get
to see and read about so many types of love; of giving. And honestly,
isn't that what loving someone is: giving the best of ourselves?

Hoping your holiday is kind,

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Do you have a favorite holiday treat? What is it?


Sula said...

My favorite treat is Spanish called Turron de Jijona of soft almond and honey Turron (which is bit like a soft nougat).

sassytdw said...

I don't really have a favorite treat. I just live the dinners that we only make during the winter holidays.