Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Pushing the Envelope by Kim Dare

Title: Pushing the Envelope
Author: Kim Dare
Publisher: Kim Dare
Genre: MM, Contemporary
Pages: 370
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
When Scott Evans sends an anonymous invitation to the dominant he’s fantasised about for months, he just hopes that Joe Stuart will be curious enough to turn up at the specified address and do a scene with him.

It never occurs to Scott that Joe will send a note back to him, or that something as simple as writing a letter could evolve into a kinky game that will test both men to the limit.

Orders, pleas, kinks and even love—there’s nothing a letter can’t contain once two hot and passionate guys start Pushing The Envelope.

Please Note: This work was previously published in fourteen short story installments. The existing parts of the story have been tweaked and re-edited, and two entirely new installments have been added. This edition is the first time all the installments have been brought together in e-book form.


Pushing the Envelope by Kim Dare, though previously released I loved it all in one story. I think it added to the entire story to have it all in one. Ms. Dare brings a lot of emotion and love to her stories. I love that this one is written as almost love letters to each other. Something I have not seen a lot of in stories.
Joe finds a note in his locker one day at the place he tends bar at. He gets an offer in the note and takes the man up on it. This is the start of a hot and steamy relationship.
Scott is very shy. He doesn't know how to talk to Joe in person. So he uses notes. He wants to learn to be the best sub he can be from Joe and Joe is more than eager to have someone he can train to be just his.
I liked the dynamic between these characters. They have a real chemistry that translates onto the pages. I could smile, feel embarrassed, and cheer for these two. I love stories where I feel a deep connection to the characters and this one is that for me. I highly recommend this one for being different, and for the intense love inside the pages. 

                      Five Shooting Stars

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