Friday, November 4, 2016

Mercenary Trust by Frey Ortega

Title: Mercenary Trust
Series: Unit Alpha, 1
Author: Frey Ortega
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre and Pairing: Contemporary and M/M
Page or Word Count: 125 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Two years ago, Daniel Walsh’s life went to shit. He found out his boyfriend of six years was actually cheating on him and got laid off from his job. So Daniel, no longer having anything tying him down to the city, decided to travel the world…

But then reality rears its ugly head. Now twenty-six, with no work and no money, Daniel has moved back to the city where a visit to his mother brings him face-to-face with a certain Nicolas Castillo.

Nick is a thirty-year-old ex-Marine just trying to live a civilian life after military service … or so he says. The truth is that he’s a member of an elite, black ops mercenary team called Unit Alpha.

When a mission brings Nick closer to people in Daniel’s past, he can’t believe the good-natured man has such close ties to some nasty people. But it also unleashes a protective instinct inside Nick unlike any he’s ever felt before.

With so many suspicious happenings in Daniel’s past, how can he earn the mercenary’s trust?

I enjoyed meeting Daniel and Nick in Frey Ortega’s Mercenary Trust, the first in his new series. And our first peek at Daniel isn’t when life is going all that well for him. I mean who wants to walk into their boyfriend doing the deed with someone else, in your bed? But I loved that Daniel decided not to wallow and used the time to travel. It allowed him to grow and get ready for someone else. And what a man he finally finds, closer than he ever expected, in Nick. Nick is uber alpha and conversely sweet. He is a bit unexpected and seeing him and Daniel mesh was equally unexpected. Mr. Ortega does a wonderful job of placing two seemingly opposite characters together and making them work. I loved that Nick wasn’t quite sure what to expect with Daniel but still excitedly moving forward as he got to know him. Mr. Ortega gave us a story with an unexpected twist that was believable. I loved seeing Daniel re-gain trust in his instincts. I enjoyed seeing Nick struggle with doing the right thing in spite of his job. This story is well written and an enjoyable read. I am looking for to seeing the rest of Unit Alpha find their happily ever after.

                                  Five Shooting Stars

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