Monday, November 21, 2016

Long Road Home by JC Jaynes

Title: Long Road Home
Series: Hill Country Heat, 1
Author: J.C. Jaynes
Publisher: Via Star Books
Genre: MM, contemporary
Pages: 232
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
What should have been a beautiful new beginning is undone by the hatred and envy of another.

Ten years ago, Kaine Keeley watched in horror as the love of his life turned his back on him, taking with him his one true chance at happiness. Now that he's no longer the penniless, shy boy he once was, Kaine is ready to fight and take back what was stolen from him.

A long time ago, Graeson Hardin thought that Kaine was worth fighting for. But after witnessing a crushing betrayal, he ran and never looked back. He wants nothing now but to live his life of solitude, protected from a love that almost destroyed him.

When Kaine shows up ten years later with a heartfelt apology and a believable explanation, Graeson must decide if he can make peace with his past to have the possibility of the future he always wanted.

Having traveled different roads in life, will these former lovers be able to battle the evil that may still be working to keep them apart and find a way to begin their long journey back home?


Long Road Home by author J.C. Jaynes is the first in the Hill Country Heat series. I really super loved this story. Kaine is extremely likeable as a character. He is persistent, loving, kind, and a little eccentric I liked the blend. Kaine has come back home to win his true love back. He is willing to do whatever it takes.
I do feel one issue is never addressed in this book and should have been. Kaine had something happen to him that really should have been addressed more. Specially between Graeson and him. I feel leaving out that really changed my idea of this book. When you read it you will get what I am talking about. Because we find out later what I am talking about, I won't spoil it in my review. However I feel it is a huger issue that what was addressed in the pages here.
Kaine has panic attacks, I also liked he is very human. He can have things happen to him and he still bounces back. The panic attacks were very well addressed.
Graeson, he is not a fan of the city life. He prefers calm and small town life. He has never gotten over breaking up with Kaine.
I feel this story is well done and had the huge issue that broke them up been better addressed I would have loved this story more. I felt it was brushed under the rug, and I cannot see how it should have been treated that way. Kinda makes Graeson seem like a jerk cause he is not addressing it.
Okay now that your going what is this reviewer talking about??? Well you have to read the book to figure that out. See, my thoughts but not gonna tell you the story hehehe. It is well written and worth the read. I would love to read more about this town and the people that live in it. I would love even though Honey has someone, that he had a story too. He is a colorful character I would love to get to know more. 

                           Four Twinkling Stars

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