Friday, November 4, 2016

Delta Recon by Elle Boon

Title: Delta Recon
Series: SEAL Team Phantom, 2
Author: Elle Boon
Publisher: Elle Boon
Genre and Pairing: Contemporary and M/F
Page Count: 192 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
A SEAL ON A MISSION…Taylor Rowland spent over a year trying to forget the one woman who was unforgettable. Wounded on a mission, his team turns to Jacqui, the woman who had been haunting his dreams and the last person he expected to assist his friends.
A FIERY AND FEARLESS OFFICER… Jaqui gave her heart and body to Taylor, foolishly thinking he cared as deeply for her as she does him. When he left her without so much as a goodbye, she picked up the pieces and moved on.
A DANGER NEITHER EXPECTED… When Jaqui is sent off in his place to the rainforest of Columbia to help track Jose Medellin, the leader of the Cali de Valle drug cartel wastes no time in abducting the only female on their team. In an instant she’s gone without a trace. Taylor and the rest of the Phantom Force race against the clock to save Jacqui, knowing the horror awaiting her at the cartels hands. Taylor may find her in time to mend her body, but it may be too late to mend her broken heart.


Taylor has never forgotten Jaqui. But a misunderstanding leads to pain and hurt feelings. However when Jaqui is captured on a mission, Taylor will move heaven and earth to rescue the woman who holds his heart. In Delta Recon the second installment in Elle Boon’s SEAL Team Phantom series, we see just how far these men will go to save one of their own. I enjoyed Jaqui. She was strong, stronger than even she realized. Jaqui was a prisoner and she found the strength to persevere and look for opportunities to save herself. She did not allow herself to be a victim regardless of her dire circumstances. I loved how strong Ms. Boon made this female character. She fit Taylor, who is equally strong. And Taylor is fighting his feelings. He knows that Jaqui means something to him and if he didn’t know before she was captured that point was hammered home once she was. I love just how protective Taylor is of Jaqui, but he also appreciated not only her intelligence but also her strength. I thoroughly enjoyed returning to this world with Ms. Boon. The story was well written and enjoyable. I am looking forward to returning to this world and seeing the remaining SEALs find their happily ever after.

                             Five Shooting Stars

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