Friday, October 7, 2016

Star Dust Award: Conquer by Angelique Voisen

Title: Conquer
Series: Fearless, 2
Author: Angelique Voisen
Publisher: All Romance Ebooks
Genre: MM, Contemporary
Pages: 99
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Most people fear the dark. Some embrace it.

Blackened windows, a 400-square foot self-made prison, and a loyal Welsh corgi—that’s the extent of former soldier Matthew Ash’s world. Matt’s tasted hell’s battlefield. He wears the scars on his skin and soul to prove it. Matt’s agoraphobia keeps his demons out and that’s all that matters.

Burnt-out MMA fighter Will Grove is having the worst year of his life. His boyfriend broke up with him and he just lost the fight of the decade. He moves to a new town, seeking a fresh start. Everyone tells him to watch for the crazy recluse, but Will makes his own rules. One glimpse of Matt is all Will needs to recognize a man whose mind is fucked-up as his own.

Matt’s certain Will’s going to run. Will’s out to prove this is one fight he’s not going to lose.

Personally I am a huge Angelique Voisen fangirl so when I saw Conquer up for review I just had to have it. This is the second book in the Fearless series for All Romance Ebooks. They do not have to be read in order. This story has Will and Matt.
Will is very lonely. He is huge muscular, tats and scars. He used to be a popular fighter that is till the day he lost. When he lost he lost not only his career but his boyfriend too. And part of his confidence in himself. So when we meet him he is really lost.
Matt is a recluse. Just getting the paper is hard for him. He is a ex soldier with a sweet welsh corgi. The last six month he has not left his apartment. He likes order. When he meets Will he wants to be a better person but doesn't know how.
I liked how Will never gives up on Matt. And how Matt never uses his disabilities as a crutch. I liked the strength of both men. There is such a wounded soul strength to both of them. I also liked the slow build to love in this book, the connection to the characters and the whole storyline kept me reading and wanting more. Over all I felt this was a very well rounded and thought out story.
When you want a story that makes you believe in true love moving mountains this is the one to pick up.

              Five Shooting Stars and Star Dust Award 

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