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Blogging with PG Forte : Going Back to Find You

I have a new book out today. Going Back to Find You, is a little different than the other books in my Children of Night series. For one thing, the story isn’t set in San Francisco, but rather in Erin Nicholas’s very contemporary Sapphire Falls Kindle World. For another, this story does not revolve around Conrad or his immediate family, even though both Conrad and Marc do make brief appearances.

My hero, Jason, appeared very briefly in the first Children of Night book, In the Dark. Ever since then, I've wanted to tell his story. But, for some reason, it just never happened, until now.
It wasn’t until I was writing the story that I figured out why that was. Jason was scarred by the events he witnessed in In the Dark. He’s spent the last forty some-odd years actively avoiding Conrad—and, apparently, hiding out from me as well!
I’ve fallen in love with Jason over the course of writing his story—and fallen in love with Conrad, Marc, and the rest of the gang, all over again, as well.

Because even a vampire deserves a second chance.

When Jason Cook boarded the train to San Francisco, he didn’t plan on coming back. He never really thought he’d see Nebraska or Lizbeth Petersen ever again. But when an unexpected turn of events threatens the woman he’d loved and lost, he has no choice but to go back and try to make things right.

Lizbeth never thought she’d see Jason again, either—and she’s not so sure she wants to see him now. Her life’s a mess, but at least it’s her mess. And after a lifetime of other people making decisions for her, she’s looking forward to finally figuring out some things on her own. Besides, Jason already left her once when she needed him. Why should she trust him not to do the same again now?

Warning: This is not a drill. Vampires are invading your favorite, small Nebraska town this Halloween. Does this mean Type-O flavored booze will soon be the new rage in Sapphire Falls? Hopefully, it won’t come to that. But you never can tell…


Now, come on inside,” [Marc] said as he turned toward the house. “I don’t know when you’ve last eaten, or slept, but you look like you’re about to fall down. Let’s find you a bed so you can crash for a few hours, and maybe a snack to tide you over until tonight.”

It sounded heavenly. Jason was seriously tempted to take Marc up on the offer. But, “I can’t. I have to get back to Sapphire Falls.” He was hours late to meet with Lizbeth. And yes, there had been extenuating circumstances, matters of life and death and magic. There had been no way to avoid it, nothing else he could have done. But this was the second time he’d broken a promise to her, that he’d disappeared without a word. At the very least, he’d have some serious groveling to do.

Marc grinned at him over his shoulder. “Are you trying to get me in trouble? Do you know how upset Conrad was after that phone call last night?”

“Phone call?”

“Apparently someone used your phone to contact Conrad. Something about evil faeries and blood magic? I’m not sure. I might have gotten that part wrong. He was yelling rather loudly.”

Jason stared at him, slack-jawed.

“I should thank them, whoever they are. That call gave me the perfect excuse to come in with ‘guns blazing’ so to speak.”

“Ye gods.”

“Anyway, Conrad gave me strict orders not to let anything else happen to you while you’re away from home.”

“He wishes to kill me himself?”

Marc grimaced. “Don’t believe everything you hear. He’s just concerned about your well-being.”
Jason shook his head. “I doubt it. I’m really not that important. I’m astonished he even remembers my name.” Not to mention his very existence. Ever since Jason had witnessed Conrad lose his temper in the late 1960s, he’d made it his particular mission to stay well out of Conrad’s way. All that effort, gone for naught.
“Don’t underestimate him, either,” Marc advised, a hint of a warning in his tone.
“Oh, believe me, I don’t.”
Even with the morning light gleaming off Marc’s sunglasses, turning the lenses into mirrors, so that Jason was looking at his own reflection in them, he could still feel Marc’s gaze slide over him, scanning him from head to foot.
“I can understand why he’d be fond of you. You’re rather alike in some ways, aren’t you?”
Jason’s mouth dropped open once again, startling another laugh from Marc. He couldn’t even speak for the first several seconds. “Alike? F-f-fond?” he gasped, stuttering with shock as he regained his voice. “You m-must be j-j-joking.”
He was not even sure on whose behalf he was more appalled—his own, or Conrad’s. That was like comparing apples and…well, anything that was most assuredly not an apple. It was that absurd.
“I wish you could have seen your face just now,” Marc said, still grinning widely. “Well, that settles it. More alike than you know. Trust me on that.”
Going Back to Find You

PG Forte inhabits a world only slightly less strange than the ones she creates. Filled with serendipity, coincidence, love at first sight and dreams come true.
She wrote her first serialized story when she was still in her teens. The sexy, ongoing adventure tales were very popular at her oh-so-proper, all girls, Catholic High School, where they helped to liven up otherwise dull classes...even if her teachers didn't always agree.
Originally a Jersey girl, PG now resides with her family on the extreme left coast where she writes contemporary and paranormal romance in a variety of sub-genres.
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