Sunday, October 9, 2016

Alien Transaction by Juliet Cardin

Title: Alien Transaction
Author: Juliet Cardin
Publisher: Beachwalk Press
Genre: MF, Futuristic Sci Fi
Pages: 46
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's blurb
In exchange for her body she'll be granted her heart's desire.

Flora Dale makes a deal with an alien. In exchange for her body she'll be granted her heart's desire—to become a famous movie actress. She's given three years to enjoy her success before the alien returns to claim her.

Held on board a spaceship in a small cage, Flora discovers she's been duped. Believing she had agreed to one night, she's shocked when she finds out the term is actually for ten years.

Surprisingly, the alien exchanges Flora for space crystals, and she finds herself in the hands of another extraterrestrial. Gator, the huge, handsome man Flora believes has rescued her, actually has another plan in mind. He intends to swap Flora for the woman he loves who has been kidnapped by a ruthless space gang.

Flora is determined to change her fate, especially when she discovers Gator's love is a robot. She will show Gator—using whatever means necessary—that the human touch can make him forget all about his glorified machine.

Content Warning: contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language

Alien Transaction by Juliet Cardin is a strange story. The blurb promised more story than the actual story itself provided for me. It is good don't get me wrong but I wanted it to be better. I felt there was something more here than what I got. Kinda of like when you go to a movie you really super want to go to, only to be let down after you see it. That kind of feeling is what I got off of this book.
Flora is well kinda silly when we meet her. She gives her body to an alien in exchange for fortune and fame. Then she is shocked when the terms she agreed to are collected on. Okay I will give her a few bits of credit she didn't completely understand her contract but still seriously shallow move on her part.
She is rescued by Gator but Gator only wants her as a trade for the woman he really wants. So Flora wants to make herself endeared to Gator by seducing him. Gator is the typical alpha hero with a good heart. But has a bad boy image. I really was not into him either.
Over all good components to a book. There is a story here. I wished though it had the spark I wanted it to have to make it great. I felt it was on the verge the entire book and I was waiting for the moment to come. Hahaha and I just did a pun.. but still its a good story with a good story line well worth the read.

                      Four Twinkling Stars

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