Friday, October 28, 2016

Alex's Sacrific by Skye Michaels

Title: Alex's Sacrifice
Series: The Wilton Park Grand Hotel, 1
Author: Skye Michaels
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: MM, Contemporary, BDSM
Word Count: 32,276
Reviewer: Redz
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Publisher's Blurb

 [Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, cross dressing, public exhibition, spanking, sex toys, HEA]
Alex Richmond had been in love with his rough, tough, impatient boss, Jarred Ransom since he went to work at Ransom Construction six months ago. He had no idea that Jarred was bisexual, but on a business trip to Fort Lauderdale, he discovers that Jarred wants to introduce him to BDSM.

While they are dining at The Black Dahlia Hotel, Alex overhears one side of a phone conversation that throws him for a loop. A past sub of Jarred’s reveals that she has a son that looks like Jarred. Alex has no choice but to tell Jarred that he may have a child that he was unaware of. When little Benji is in danger, the parental instincts of both men surface, and Alex is prepared to sacrifice his love for Jarred for Benji’s happiness. Can they save Benji and can Jarred convince Alex they can have it all?

A Siren Erotic Romance 

Alex's Sacrifice by Skye Michaels is the first in The Wilton Park Grand Hotel series. This book has the story of Alex and Jarred. Alex is my kind of character. He is smart, sassy, and has no problem with being himself. He is the kind of bottom who will be the boss if you let him. He is Jarred's assistant. Nothing like being a cliché the secretary who falls for the boss. Good thing for Alex his boss falls for him right back.
Jarred is bi sexual. He is also ex military. He is big strong, and completely alpha. He runs Ransom Construction nation wide. He thinks he can tame the sassy Alex. But only time will tell if that works.
They have one bump in the road to romance. Jarred has an ex. And when Alex finds out about a son that looks like Jarred he does the right thing and tells him. I liked Alex more for that. He was not being deceptive. He really was honest even though that honesty sometimes hurt him too.
Over all this is a great read. I had one issue and this is more a preference thing than anything else. I don't like blocks of time jumping. Where you have a paragraph or two of information and then you jump to something else. That happened a lot in this book. For me it was a bit jarring and took me out of the moment. However I am sure not everyone is gonna feel that way. It is a personal preference. I would love to see more from this series. I think this being a first book is a great start. I would love to see it progress and what happens next.

                         Five Shooting Stars

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Skye Michaels said...

Thanks, Tina. I'm glad you liked my guys, Alex and Jared. I was pretty crazy about them myself.

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