Saturday, September 24, 2016

Xylan by Rider Jacobs

Title: Xylan
Author Rider Jacobs
Publisher: Dark Hollows Press
Genre: MM. Paranormal
Pages: 93
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Xylan had a life most only dreamed about and a boyfriend who loved him. One night, one club, one moment of misplaced trust, and his whole life changed.

With his latest action movie finding worldwide success, Xylan decided to try something different by becoming a judge for the television show Talented Americans. There he meets Jarrett, a reporter with a surly attitude and a reputation for unethical journalism.
Xylan has a secret. While he may portray the larger than life action star in films, he has a desire to be dominated in the bedroom. With a room filled with equipment to fulfill that desire and his boyfriend Hamilton, who knows how to wield a paddle, Xylan feels he has found a perfect balance in life. Then one night while Hamilton is away, Xylan suffers the ultimate act of betrayal. When his world comes crashing down and his secret is revealed for the world to see, Xylan must decide if his love for Hamilton is enough to see them through

Xylan by Rider Jacobs is a roller coaster ride of emotions for me. Xylan is a singer, and a actor. He is a submissive who doesn't know he really needs to submit. He has had a past that is tragic and now needs to be in a situation where he can trust the person he is with. He tries to give his heart to Hamilton but he always holds back a piece of his heart.
Hamilton is a Dom. He wants Xylan to give his all to him. But he too has been holding back a part of himself from Xylan.
Over all this story touches on a subject that some might find troubling, can't tell you what or would spoil the book, but there is a scene in here that is not for everyone. I liked the roller coaster of emotions and I liked the connection. It was almost perfect for me. Just a little off, perhaps the scene I mentioned was too much for me, I really could not say. Or perhaps it was more Hamilton's reaction to it that bothered me. Either way this book is just an okay read for me. 

                       Four twinkling Stars

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