Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Where Trouble Travels by Diana De Ricci

Title: Where Trouble Travels
Author: Diana De Ricci
Publisher: Purple Sword Publishing
Genre and Pairing: MM, Contemporary
Pages: 148
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
Kelly Archer’s life has been stripped bare. Outed as gay at work, his job became intolerable. Unsure of what to do next, a friend suggests introducing himself to the Silo police department before making any rash decisions.
Peyton Ackerman is coming to Silo to put distance between himself and his adulterous ex. Leaving New York to live with his mother until he makes his next move will give him time and distance.
A move, a fresh start with a new job, and new friends will help take the sting out of a bad situation for both men. Beginning a friendship as running buddies, each is cautious for different reasons to jump into something new.
Kelly hasn’t had the best experiences when forced to live openly, out of the closet. And Peyton doesn’t know any other way, has never had to hide himself to suit anyone.
Can these two men find a way to meet in the middle to see what could happen? Will fear of exposure and hostility of co-workers keep them from being true to themselves?


Where Trouble Travels by author Diana De Ricci has the story of Kelly and Peyton. Kelly has come to start over. After being outed at work his life at his old job was pretty much over. He is scared to try again but he does as a police officer. Finds out the police in this town are actually gay friendly finally a place he might actually call home.
Peyton has come from New York. He has recently came out as openly gay. His boyfriend left him. He was an abusive one. He is looking to maybe start over.
They face problems of bigotry over Kelly's race and those who still refuse to accept gay people. Over all this book is pretty angst ridden. I liked that, felt like a nice flow to this story too. Like everything was unfolding as it should. There is great chemistry between the main characters that kept me reading as well. Over all though I loved the pace of this story felt like I was watching a great movie that I never wanted to end. 
                        Five Shooting Stars

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