Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Star Dust Award: Rendan by Erin Tate

Title: Rendan
Series: Dragons of Preor, 4
Author: Erin Tate
Publisher: Summerhouse Publishing
Genre and Pairing: Paranormal and M/F
Page Count: 197 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Violence is never the answer… unless you’re a Preor warrior. 

Rendan sen Tarkan, Offense Master to the Preor Third Fleet, has found his human mate. She is small compared to him, but her curves, delicious scent, and sky blue eyes call out to his soul. He has waited for a female for over two centuries and he will fight—kill—any who dare attempt to take her. Even one of his own males.

One moment Carla was unemployed and the next she was on the Preor battleship, working as a nurse for human-Preor mates. Oh, and the next moment? That was when she found her sexy, alien pink-scaled mate. Then she watched the muscular dragon shifter get beat to hell. And then she was assigned a condo in Preor Tower on Earth. The person in the condo next door? That sexy, alien pink-scaled male.

Learning about the proud alien warrior isn’t trouble free, but it’s easier than almost dying. Yeah, almost. But the Preor who tried to end her life? Well, he doesn’t quit easily. She only hopes Rendan is there to save her when the alien tries to end her life once again.

Carla is a bit uncomfortable around the Preor. Not because she is prejudice, but because they are a bit of a warring race. Their hierarchy is built upon physical prowess and that very physicality overwhelms her. So meeting her mate in the middle of violence doesn’t endear him to her. But Rendan, the latest warrior to find his mate in Erin Tate’s Dragons of Preor is up to the task….he thinks.
I truly adore this series by Ms. Tate. She gives us warriors with a strong sense of honor. And while that honor is based upon warrior skills, for the most part they appreciate this opportunity the women of Earth afford them. But what do you do when who you are at your core scares the woman fated to be yours? Can Carla see past the fighting to the skill it exhibits? Can she see that while it defines their standing in society it does not define the man? I loved finding out.
Rendan was at a loss as to how to treat his mate. He has scared her and made her so uncomfortable she does not trust him. I thought this was a wonderful spin on such a simple human condition. Rendan’s very nature was something that was placing distance between him and Carla. I thought Ms. Tate handled the process of pulling back the layers to understand the man and the dragon well. Carla had land mines I am not sure she was even aware of until they exploded between her and Rendan. But Rendan persevered and I was impressed with his determination and Ms. Tate’s thoughtfulness as both Carla and Rendan learned to accept each other. This story was well articulated. It was full of emotional depth and growth. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and can’t wait to read more of this world Ms. Tate is building.

                       Five Shooting Stars and Star Dust Award

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