Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Slater's Enchanting Mate by Elle Boon

Title: Slater’s Enchanting Mate
Series: Iron Wolves MC, 4
Author: Elle Boon
Publisher: Elle Boon
Genre and Pairing: Paranormal and M/F
Page Count: 128 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Wounded and hidden for years, LeeLee had found acceptance within her wolf. She learned firsthand the harsh reality of never being loved, and vowed to protect her heart, and body from suffering the same pain ever again.

Never one to back down, Slater O’Neil loves life. When he meets his mate in wolf form, he never thought claiming her would be quite so hard. Yet he'll gladly battle an unknown evil more sinister than the horror movies he enjoys. After finally finding the other half of his soul, he’ll pay any price to protect the woman meant to be his.

True love doesn’t always come easy, and for these two shifters, they’ll need more than just love to make it work. LeeLee was just a child when she witnessed a horror no child should, but revisiting old hurts don’t always heal old wounds.
When you stir a hornet’s nest, you should always be prepared for what might come out. In LeeLee and Slater’s case, they are totally unprepared to step into a whole different reality. One where the ones who should love and protect, are the ones out to kill for their own gain.

In Slater’s Enchanting Mate by Elle Boon we return to the world of the Iron Wolves. While Ms. Boon has placed this story in her Iron Wolves series, I will be honest and state I was surprised because we first meet LeeLee and Slater in the SmokeJumpers series. So if you are confused as to where these characters come from, now you know. But getting on with LeeLee and Slater’s love story. I must admit I enjoyed it. LeeLee is trapped within her wolf and has been for years. She has been wolf longer than she was human and Slater doesn’t know how to help his mate, because the little she-wolf is all his. I loved Slater’s determination to fight for his future. And when LeeLee finally manages to reconnect with her human side, Slater’s protection extends to finding what caused her wolf to protect her so fiercely. This story is a quick read but full of twists and turns. LeeLee’s past hides more than even she remembers and she must lean heavily on the man determine to love and protect her.
Ms. Boon weaves a tale that is full of emotional highs and lows. She gives us the unexpected even as LeeLee and Slater find a love that overcomes seeming insurmountable odds. This is a wonderful story and well worth your time and money.

                      Five Shooting Stars

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