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Shining Star Award: Star Crossed by Various Authors

Title: Star Crossed
Author: Katalina Leon, Rebecca Royce, Sabrina York, Ann Mayburn, TL Reeve, Dena Garson, Michelle Fox, Virginia Cavanaugh.
Publisher: Excessia Publishing
Genre and Pairing: Anthology, MF, Mixed genre.
Pages: 1850
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
Star Crossed
Their love was meant to be.
Eight USA Today and NY Times and Bestselling authors offering steamy contemporary romance the way you love it! A collection of spicy and extra spicy tales of fated love. Get swept away by stories of ordinary people getting extraordinary second chances, risking their hearts and finding true love. This is a box set to laugh, cry and lose your heart to.

Katalina Leon ~ Dark Sky
Dark hearts. Dark Sky. Since childhood, Severin and Avery’s love was meant to be. For eight years, tragedy has torn them apart but fate offers them a second chance.

Sabrina York ~ Smoking Holt
Bella’s secretly wanted Holt for years, and's her chance. Will his fiery dominance burn this willful heroine to a crisp?

Ann Mayburn ~ Sodom and the Phoenix
Will shy Tanwen find the courage to embrace all the forbidden pleasures that Master Adam has to offer, or will she continue to be a 'good girl' and deny herself the satisfaction and love she truly desires.

Michelle Fox ~ Operation Burlesque
The last thing a burlesque dancer should do is fall in love with a sexy special ops agent, especially when that puts her on the radar of the terrorist network he's taking down.

Rebecca Royce ~ Under The Lights
Despite the odds, their passion burns as the show must go on. Can these two see there is love to be had both under and away from the lights?

T.L Reeve ~ Releasing Hannah
For Hannah, coming home is the easy part. Finding herself, while searching for the right Dom to release her inhibitions will push her heart to its limits.

Dena Garson ~ Snow Effect
When Randy walked away from Nicki eight years earlier, he shattered her heart. Now that fate -or maybe just a couple of scheming grandparents- has brought them together again he’ll have to convince her that he deserves a second chance.

Virginia Cavanaugh ~ Lovers By Night
Paige Sutton wants to play doctor with handsome Brandon Kline, a hot doctor that is sure to give any woman palpitations. This sizzling medical romance is just what the doctor ordered.

Star Crossed box set has some of the hottest authors writing in this boxset. They are full rounded out stories too. I liked that very much. Katalina Leon ~ Dark Sky, Sabrina York ~ Smoking Holt, Ann Mayburn ~ Sodom and the Phoenix, Michelle Fox ~Operation Burlesque,Rebecca Royce ~ Under The Lights, T.L Reeve ~Releasing Hannah, Dena Garson ~ Snow Effect, and Virginia Cavanaugh ~ Lovers By Night. All are very well rounded stories and I really highly recommend reading them all. It was hard to do my usual pick out two and review them, but I managed.
The First author is Katalina Leon her story is Dark Sky. In this story Avery has always had a crush on her big brother's best friend Severin. Severin has always known he is not right for Avery so he joined the Navy to get away. Now he is back. Severin is hansom a mechanic, and suffering from a nasty divorce. But he has come back home for the girl he loves and could never forget.
This story is sweet. The rough around the egdes bad boy comes home for the girl he thought was too good for him kind of story. I love the sweetness and connection this story has. Ms. Leon really made me fall in love with her characters and want more of them. Plus who does not love that bad boy wounded hero? I know I do!
My next pick is Smoking Holt by Sabrina York. Wow heat and connection in this story almost singed my fingers. This one has light BDSM in the story but only adds to the intensity of the story itself.
Bella has loved Holt since college. But his dominating nature has always scared her off. So Holt lets her be in charge so she can feel secure. Because her life is really not going well. She is smoking, drinking, and her business well that is tanking too. So Holt finds a way to give her some control over something. I liked that. He was able to see what she needed and give it to her. He gets her to focus on him not on her vices in the most sexy of ways.
Over all Star Crossed has heat, connection, and some really unforgettable stories you have to read. There is a lot of story in this set and well worth the read. 

               Five Shooting Stars and A Shining Star Award

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