Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Pleasure Dome by L.F. Hampton

Title: Pleasure Dome
Author: L.F. Hampton
Publisher: Imajinn Books
Genre: MF, scifi futuristic
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
The Pleasure Dome where the sex is out of this world "
Forced into retirement, Captain Soledad Scott, a former warship captain, has decided on a new career as a mother. She s come to the Pleasure Dome where a computer-matched male will donate his sperm the old-fashioned way and make her dream of motherhood come true. But Sol s worm-hole dyslexia sends her to Room 990 instead of Room 660.
Commander Gabriel Merriweather, half-breed Chakkra and master empath with the Diplomatic Corps, awaits his sterile playmate of the evening. When she arrives and orders him to pleasure her as if he were the paid sex toy, Gabe willingly complies. But the next day he learns that the woman isn t a Dome employee, but a maternity client who has stolen his sperm and disappeared.
Sol can t believe that the man she just spent the night with is the very man who destroyed her warship career. What will he do if he discovers that she s carrying his child? Unwilling to find out, Sol decides to disappear.
But is the universe big enough to hide her from him?
L.F. Hampton is a So. California futuristic romance writer. She loves to read and write fantasy stories that entertain by taking readers out of reality. For more information please visit her at lfhampton@theromancestudio.com.

Pleasure Dome by L.F. Hampton is a spicy hot read that I could not put down. Soledad is a very strong character. I liked she is quick thinking and she can take care of herself. She wants a baby and goes to The Pleasure Dome to get it. She had no idea she would be getting so much more.
Gabe he was going to The Pleasure Dome to have some much needed R and R with no strings attached. He too got way more than he planned on. I liked that Gabe has a good heart. He is kind, and strong. I liked that once he knew what happened he did all he could to be a good person in this situation.
Over all there is great chemistry between Gabe and Soledad. I liked the heat,in this story and the pace of it. Everything was very well done and made me want more of them in the future. I also liked some of the background of the universe the author created. I cannot wait to see if there is a series spin off to this cause I think there are many more stories this universe has to tell, and I cannot wait to read them. 

                         Five Shooting Stars

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