Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Creed by Erin Trejo

Title: Creed
Series Fallen Angel's MC, 1
Author Erin Trejo
Publisher: Erin Trejo
Genre: MF. Contemporary
Pages: 257
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Creed doesn't have his life mapped out but he knows he has a family in Jason and Jada, his neighbors. They always accepted him for who he was. One fatal mistake takes his best friend Jason away from him. Leaving his sister Jada behind to pick herself up, Creed seeks solace in her. Jada gives in to her feelings for Creed to only have them crushed when he leaves. Creed moves on with his life, which isn't the best life possible. He finds a new family with the Fallen Angel's Motorcycle Club. They become the family he lost. Taking risks, he doesn't care about his life anymore until Jada falls into his clubhouse one fateful night. After he learns her involvement with a rival, Creed wants her safe but he knows he can never be the man she needs. Will he save himself and Jada? Or will they both lose everything forever?


Creed starts of Fallen Angels MC, by author Erin Trejo. I really had a hard time liking this story. For me there was no heat or passion between the characters to make me believe they would want to be together forever. Yes there was a great flow to this story, and potential for a good story here, but honestly I was not feeling this one.
Creed is best friends with Jada's twin. When the twin dies Creed who has always loved Jada tries to honor her twin's wishes and not pursue her. But they end up kissing and Creed fleas town. Leaving Jada alone to deal with her grief.
That did not endear me to him. Kind of not a nice guy move there. Then he goes on to become this tough biker dude. With a longing for Jada.
Jada moves on with her life too. She becomes part of a biker club and is in an abusive relationship. She meets Creed again but can she trust him with her heart.
Jada is kind of weak in this story. She attempts to have an temper and be strong but I don't quite buy it.
Over all this story is okay. I just could not believe most of it which too away from the experience for me. Hopefully though the next book is better maybe this one is a fluke dunno… it is an okay Mc Biker story over all. 

                   Four twinkling stars

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