Monday, September 5, 2016

Coriolis box set by Mychael Black

Title: Coriolis
Series: Distress Signal, Kill Free, Silent Running, Modus Operandi ( This is a box set)
Author: Mychael Black
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre and Pairing: MM, futuristic scifi
Page Count: 177
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
Sometimes the perfect soldier isn't what you expect - neither is the perfect lover.

In 2207, humanity is the dominant force in the galaxy. The Syndicate governs the humans, and its leader, Joren -- a former Marine sharpshooter -- oversees it all.

Captain Carter Therres doesn't know what to expect aboard the Maelstrom, but it sure as hell isn't the gorgeous man waiting in the maintenance ductwork. Ash Mracek's past involves something much more sinister than the Academy bombing for which he was framed. Now it's a race to save Ash before their enemies can take them out of the picture for good.

When former Syndicate leader Joren joins his brother, scientist Ashley Mracek, and Captain Carter Therres on the lawless planet of Geren in search of allies, he comes into the sights of an assassin. Morgan Reid is a gun for hire, but when his latest contract comes through, he breaks both of the rules he's always kept: never mix business with pleasure, and never make eye contact with the target.

Jordan Sawyer, the Coriolis' pilot, is focused, determined, and smarter than she lets on. Which is why Eric Kane wants her so much. Major Kyle Cortez has set his own sights on Coriolis' curvy pilot as well. It's up to Jordan to get them all on the same page. Or bed. Either works.

Geren is a vast network of prisons that was once the Syndicate's pride and joy. Now it's a hotbed of crime. The perfect place to enlist a group of former Marines and set up a base of operations. The trick is to do it without alerting anyone -- including the criminal residents of Geren -- that Joren's still alive.

Publisher's Note: Coriolis (Box Set) contains the previously published novellas Distress Signal, Kill Fee, Silent Running, and Modus Operandi.
Praise for Distress Signal 

A daring Marine and a sexy scientist meet and fall in love, Dr. Ash Mracek is the one man who might be able to save them all, Geren an ex marine, will do anything for the man he wants. But love in this universe can it survive? That is the question the Coriolis Boxset by author Mychael Black asks and answers as you follow them throughout their adventures. Ash the only one who may be able to help save the military Syndicate run worlds from Revenants and Geren is determined to help.
This series follows them throughout space and in some adventures, their fight against the evil that threatens to take over the galaxy. Along the way we see others fall in love and help out. They all have a thread of connection to the first book. I liked this being a boxset, the stories are very short so having them in one place makes it so much easier to read. I highly recommend this one if you love MM and a great space adventure. 

                             Five Shooting Stars

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