Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Third Mate by Rebecca James

Title: Third Mate
Series: River Wolf Pack, 3
Author: Rebecca James
Publisher: JMS Books
Genre: MMM, Paranormal
Pages: 330
Reviewer: Redz
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Publisher's Blurb
Pack tensions increase, and River and Josiah fear for the safety of their twin girls. When Stone begins campaigning to take River down, Leo must choose sides. Another pack desires to make a trade for omegas. The coyote-shifter Foster yearns for his true mate, while human Jax knows he has to make a decision before the pack turns him out. David determines to keep Brooks from making a bad decision.

Third Mate by author Rebecca James is the third book in the River Wolf Pack. This one is just not my favorite of the series. There are huge things being set up, and a lot of familiar faces. You really do have to read this series in order. I also felt some of the trios being formed have uneven relationships. Specially the one I was waiting for to happen.
David and Jax have been dancing around the fact David and Brooks have an attraction for a long time now. Jax is a human and does not want to become a wolf. But he has to keep leaving the compound to be in the human world, David is not wanting any part of that but would for Jax. Then there is Brooks a wolf who loves David, and would do anything for him. When he joins these two, the relationship feels uneven, and unfair to Brooks. Jax does not really want him a part of the relationship, but David does, it just does not jive.
There is another trio that feels forced too, we have River, Josiah their twin girls. Weird how this relationship brings soo much turmoil to the rest of the pack. I just wished this whole book did not leave me feeling like nothing was working right. There is great writing, just I think too many people and not enough back story to them and time with them to make this situation work. I hope in the next book some of that is fixed. I really love this series but this book is just jumbled to me and left me going huh? 

                                   Four Twinkling Stars 


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