Friday, August 19, 2016

Shining Star Award : Taken In by Wendi Zwaduck

Title: Taken In
Author: Wendi Zwaduck
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre and Pairing: MFM. Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 51
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
Taken In by Wendi Zwaduk
Find what you need at the Store Front. Blood, sex…we have it all just for you.
The supernaturals have taken over the earth, leaving the humans to serve them. The Store Front is one place for the supernaturals to find partners for feeding and sexual needs. Vic, a wolf shifter, and Gale, a vampire, have a special human female they love to visit. They know the bond between them goes far beyond the bedroom, but convincing Kitty the triad should happen might not be so easy.
Kitty longs to leave the Store Front and the total darkness of the earth. The one bright spot in her day is a visit from Gale and Vic. She loves the two supernatural men, even if she can’t voice the words. Do they return her affections on a deeper level or is she.

just a pawn to them? She’s not sure, but she’s willing to risk her heart and get wild after dark in order to find out.

Taken In by Wendi Zwaduck is a very original take on paranormals. Has an almost dystopian view of the future. Humans are either sex or food for the paranormal community. There are store front where people on display and can be bought. That is how Vic a werewolf and Gale a vampire find their human Kitty. She in the store front window. They always buy her together. They are plotting to keep her. Kitty would love nothing more than to be free of the store front and be Vic and Gale's forever. But in a world where humans are either Prey or sex how can she ever be free?
I loved this story, I wish there was a series to this one. I can see it going places. There is a real gritty vibe to this story. This feels like the tip of the iceberg to what can happen and I would love to know what will happen next. 

              Five Shooting Stars and Shining Star Award


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