Thursday, August 4, 2016

Killer in Wolf's Clothing by Kelli A. Wilkins

Title: Killer in Wolf's Clothing
Author: Kelli A. Wilkins
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: MM, Contemporary, Paranormal
Pages: 149
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
A super-aggressive Alpha male, a serial killer, and a visit to a kinky sex club. What has Larry gotten himself into?...

When Larry learns that his boyfriend Greg changes into another man during the full moon, he has a hard time accepting it—until he meets Deke, Greg’s alternate Alpha personality.

Deke doesn’t play nice and has no time for games. He wants only two things—to get laid, and to get revenge against the arsonist who murdered his friends. Finally free from Greg’s restraints, Deke is ready for action, and Larry is more than willing to submit to Deke’s needs.

Together, Larry and Deke set out to find the killer. Their hunt takes them to an all-night Alpha sex club where things heat up for the two of them. But when Larry unwittingly falls into the clutches of the murderer, it’s up to Deke—and Greg—to save him before it’s too late...

NOTE: This story is part of the Howling At The Moon 2012 series of books

Killer in Wolf's Clothing by author Kelli Al Wilkins is a different take on the whole werewolf theme. Almost a Jekyll and Hyde take on it. Greg and Larry are lovers. Greg has a huge secret. This secret has been torturing him for a while now. Larry likes to tie Greg up and be the dominate he just wished sometimes Greg would too. Then there is a twist. This twist, well that changes everything for both of them.
I really admire Ms. Wilkin's attempt at giving me something different. I did however feel that it made Larry come off as extremely well loose and not really caring about how Greg feels. Then the ending, that just was interesting, and strange. Really strange. Not sure How I feel on it. This is one of those stories where you are on the verge of loving it, but also on the verge of not really getting what the author was trying to say. I would say read this one yourself, it is very different and a nice break from the usual werewolf story. Just go in with a very open mind, cause sometimes things are just not what they seem to be. 

                            Four Twinkling Stars 


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