Saturday, August 13, 2016

Kellen's Tempting Mate by Elle Boon

Title: Kellen’s Tempting Mate
Series: Iron Wolves MC, 3
Author: Elle Boon
Publisher: Elle Boon
Genre and Pairing: Paranormal and M/F
Page Count: 221 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
A NOT SO NAÏVE SHE-WOLF: Laikyn O’Neil has loved Kellen for years. Thinking to prove her love, she sets out to learn how to be a good submissive, only to find herself needing a savior.

THE RELUCTANT ALPHA: When Kellen Styles finds Laikyn in the last place he expected, he rides to her rescue, but then can’t stop his dominant needs from taking over. Sure that he has moved too soon, he backs off to give Laikyn time to come to terms with the fact that they are mates. Instead she leaves, thinking he didn’t want her.

AN UNDENIABLE BOND: Kellen is determined to claim his tempting mate and earn her forgiveness, and nothing and no one will stand in his way. When their world is suddenly rocked off its axis by vampires, fey and more, their pack will have to unite with these strangers in order to defeat the beings that threaten those they love. 

Laikyn is ready to come home. Her mate doesn’t want her but no matter, she will deal and find someone who does. But Kellen is through letting his mate run free and has plans to bring her not only home but into his house. Now if only he can convince his stubborn mate of his love.
In Kellen’s Tempting Mate by Elle Boon, Kellen has his work cut out for him. He has convinced his mate she is unwanted and now must work hard to disabuse her of that idea. Even as he fights for his mate, Laikyn has someone else who is determined to make her theirs, whether she agrees or not.
I loved this addition to Ms. Boon’s Iron Wolves, MC series. Laikyn is a strong female character and she needs a strong mate. Kellen is definitely strong but he needs someone who sees him and not just the alpha and MC President. I loved seeing Laikyn and Kellen as they found their way past misconceptions and miscommunication. Ms. Boon gave us a strong character in Laikyn, a female who understood when to stand her ground and when to submit. And Kellen appreciated the strength of the woman fated to be his. Protecting her was necessary and a responsibility he welcomed, even as he learned just how sheltered his wolves were. I loved that both Kellen and Laikyn were able to grow together even as they appreciated the growth necessitated by their time apart. This story was well written and full of laughter and love. I can’t wait to see where Ms. Boon will take us next as we go on this journey with the Iron Wolves.

                        Four Twinkling Stars

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