Friday, August 5, 2016

Don't Need A Hero by Lena Austin

Title: Don't Need a Hero
Series: Protect and Serve, 12
Author: Lena Austin
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: MF, Paranormal
Pages: 60
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
When cat shifter Petra (aka Pete) becomes the victim of "friendly fire" during the apprehension of a bank robber, panther shifter cop Apollo Jones feels obligated to make sure she's okay. Pete's positive she doesn't need another hero in her life, and Apollo's out to prove her wrong.


Don't Need a Hero is the 12th book in the Protect and Serve series by author Lena Austin. I have not read the previous books, I cannot say I was lost, I have no idea what I have missed so guess I was fine.
We have the story of Pete and Apollo. Pete is a Himalayan cat shifter. She is a master carpenter, and because she lost her parents when she was young she was taken into a pride. She gets attacked by bank robbers with her niece and nephew in the car.
Apollo is panther shifter. He is also a police officer. He feels the need to make sure Pete is okay after all that went down. He is a very protective personality, fitting for a cop. He also has a very alpha personality. Pete though is no push over she might be a cat shifter but she has some pretty sharp claws when she wants.
I liked how these two played off each other. They have a friendly banter and a sexual chemistry.
I liked them together. I would love to read more from this series maybe go back and see what I missed out on, I like the feel of this one, it is not dark it is just right on the sex, I love stories with good plots and likeable characters, this one is that kind of story. 

                                  Four Twinkling Stars

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