Monday, July 11, 2016

Trickster by Elizabeth Coldwell

Title: Trickster
Author: Elizabeth Coldwell
Publisher: Nine Star Press
Genre: MM, Futuristic SciFi
Pages: 25
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Galactic bounty hunter and battle-scarred veteran Rufus Trayner always gets his man, no matter how hard he has to fight. No charismatic conman is going to fool him, and even though he can’t forget the feel of Jobi Wade’s lips on his own, or fight his growing desire for the man, it won’t stop him hunting for justice.

Jobi Wade knows every trick to help him elude the clutches of the law, but he hasn’t reckoned on the dogged determination and sexual magnetism of Rufus Trayner. Are the only chains that can hold him the ones Rufus’s love has wrapped around his heart?


Trickster by Elizabeth Coldwell has the tale of Jobi and Rufus. Jobi has gotten under many a man's skin with his charm and charisma. He is a smooth talking con man. When Rufus finds him he is chained to a wall. Of course everything he does after that is to get loose. But he doesn't count on Rufus being the one man he cannot let go of.
Rufus is a bounty hunter. He went into the army young. Likes to bring the bad guys to justice. But what he really wants is a man of his own, and to settle down with him.
I liked this book, the flow was just right. Jobi is sexy, clever, and truly more than a match for Rufus. I liked them together they are a great team and sexy too!

                          Five Shooting Stars

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