Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Winter Bear's Bride by Mina Carter

Title: The Winter Bear’s Bride
Series: Dubious, 2
Author: Mina Carter
Publisher: Allromance eBooks, LLC
Genre and Pairing: Paranormal and M/F
Word Count: 32,000
Reviewer Name: Redz
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Publisher Blurb
To stop a war, she must become his.

Analise, daughter of the Bear Elder, has status and luxury, though she’s a prisoner of her birth and despised by her father because she’s not the alpha son he needs. She keeps her head down and hoards lost knowledge that nearly destroyed the planet. She dreams of escape, but her father decides it's time for her to marry.

He's hated her and all she represents for years. But once he meets her...

Scar, rebel leader and were-polar bear, wants nothing more than to burn the clan system to the ground. It's cruel, unfair, and dedicated to keeping most of the populace in its place. To do so, he needs to take out the Bear Elder and his scheming daughter. As soon as he sees the delicate beauty of his enemy, though, all he can think of is making her his. And he's prepared to go to war to do so.

Not all battles need to be fought in the field. Some are of the heart and the mind and he intends to win hers, whatever it takes. Trouble is, what it takes might be all he has.

Analise is good for nothing more than an advantageous alliance, at least to her father. But Analise wants more. While she manages to stay beneath the radar as much as possible, her time has come to be The Winter Bear’s Bride whether she wants it or not. This is Mina Carter’s contribution to the Dubious series. I like Analise’s spunk. She was petite which was unusual for bear shifters, even the females who don’t shift. But her mother dying while giving birth to her is what has led to her lonely existence. Her father can barely stand her and his disrespect has trickled throughout the clan. However when the chips were down, Analise protected those who had little regard for her or her feelings. I respected Analise, Scar was a bit distant at first for me, but later he changed and made me really like him. He has a strength and alpha quality I really enjoyed reading about. There is great emotional connection in this book, that kept me turning the pages and wanting more. I love that in this book the heroine is actually really strong and well written. Not many romances do that well, but this one does. I would love to know more about Scar and Analise in the future, I hope there are more books with them in it. 

                     Five Shooting Stars

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