Monday, July 11, 2016

So Into You by Remmy Duchene

Title: So Into You
Series: Intoxication,1
Author: Remmy Duchene
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: MM, Contemporary
Pages: 132
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Alfred Leung’s life is in the crapper. From his gold-digging, racist mother and a cheating ex-boyfriend to his hang-ups about sex—everything in his existence depresses him. Add to it spending his days serving faux French food in a diner. It isn’t how he planned on spending the rest of his life—the fates have definitely conspired against him. Just out of a relationship, he decides to focus on work and going back to one of the things that makes him happy—photography. Then Darius Stark in his Armani suit walks through the door of the diner, and Alfred’s world is about to take on a spin he never saw coming.

Darius Stark hasn’t been with a man in years. Men see the suit and run screaming in the other direction or they tear-ass toward him because they see dancing dollar signs. He decides to focus on his business, but soon he’s buried himself so deeply in his work that years goes by without someone to love. Finally, he sees Alfred and wants him, but Darius is about to find out not everyone thinks he’s almighty and that some men are flawed.


So Into You by Remmy Duchene starts off the Intoxication series. I liked this one for many reasons. One of them being these two guys are just ordinary, real men, who need someone who understands them.
Alfred is a waiter. He works very hard. He has an over bearing mom who believes he should marry a Chinese man no matter if that man cheats on him or not. Alfred is smart though he knows he can do better than just being with someone because of race and security. Alfred is a straight forward man. He tells it like he sees it. I liked that honesty in a character.
Darius he is a CEO. He has always wanted someone to see past his money, and see the real man underneath. He has had a fall out with his brother. His brother cannot accept that Darius is gay. But when his brother's son turns out gay, well everyone has to decide what to do and weather holding on to hate is a good thing, or not.
Both of these men need each other. Alfred gives Darius some honesty, and is a great sounding board. Not to mention chemistry that is off the charts.
Darius allows Alfred to be himself. Shows him strength, and loyalty.
Over all this is a great read about two men who make love happen for themselves when they had almost given up hope of ever finding it. 

                            Five shooting stars 


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