Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Match Point by Leigh Carman

Title: Match Point
Series: Sports of the Season, 1
Author: Leigh Carman
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: MM, Contemporary
Pages: 200
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Two stubborn men.

One is a rude jerk. The other, the life of the party.

It was hate at first sight.

Pro beach volleyball players Finn Callahan and Dexter Savage have been rivals since college. While Finn always comes out on top on the court, Dexter’s carefree and fun-loving personality earns him scores of adoring men and women. And as much as Finn fights to deny it, there’s another reason for the tension he feels when Dex is around. Hate wasn’t the only thing he felt when he first laid eyes on his opponent.

When they’re forced to team up, the two men must bury their differences—on and off the court—if either of them is going to succeed professionally.



Match Point by Leigh Carman takes place around the world of professional Volley ball. We start off in Finn's point of view. Finn has given up on life at this point. His lover has been killed and he cannot get past that moment in time. He was a champion volley ball player now he cannot get through the day with out a drink and feeling anger at himself and the world. He wants to die. He snaps at everyone and has so much pain he is going through. I really felt this character's grief, I wanted him to find someone to love him and bring him back into the light.
Dex he needs Finn to be his volley ball partner. He is terrified of being broke and the sponsors not wanting him any more. He thinks he has to hide the fact he is gay as well. But the attraction he feels for Finn, could make him or brake him. 
I liked watching Dex grow in this book. He has so many layers once we get to know him. He needs Finn as much as Finn needs him and that makes them both perfect for each other. Finn can be Dex's sunshine and stability if he can just let himself be who he really is deep inside.  
I loved this story, so much more than a typical love story. This is someone coming back from the worst moment in their life and finding happiness again. Heart breaking and made me smile too! Love the happy ending. I will so be looking for more from Leigh Carman in the future. They are a new to me author and I am so glad I got the chance to read this book!!

                            Five Shooting Stars

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