Saturday, July 23, 2016

Grin and Bear It by Tamara Hoffa

Title: Grin and Bear It
Series: Animal in Me, 3
Author: Tamara Hoffa
Publisher: Tamara Hoffa
Genre and Pairing: Paranormal and M/F
Page Count: 118 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
A trip to the library can change your life, but Guiles Fredricks never expected to find his mate standing behind the checkout desk. One whiff of her blackberry and lavender scent has him hooked, but the fear haunting her emerald green eyes makes his bear roar to claim and protect her.
Gina Salducci came to Honey Corners to hide. On the run from her abusive ex- boyfriend she fears she will never be safe. Nick Mancuso runs Atlantic City, he has ties to the mob and won’t hesitate to kill her if he finds her. Obviously her taste in men sucks.
When her fears are realized and danger finds her, will she run again, or find it in her heart to trust the bear that vows he is her mate? 

Gina is hiding, not only from a man but who she is. She has found a home but danger follows. And until she meets Guiles things are fine, lonely but fine. But Guiles turns everything upside down. He brings her body alive, a body she can’t trust along with her own intuition. In Grin and Bear It, the third installment of Tamara Hoffa’s Animal in Me series, Gina must step out of the shadows and take back her life. I loved that Gina did what was necessary to live. She knew the better part of valor was to get the hell out of dodge or in this case Atlantic City. Once she was given little choice she was willing to fight for those she loves. And Guiles was a large part of why she was finally ready. I loved that Guiles was willing to stand not only in front of Gina but also by her side. He knew she was hiding something and he wanted his mate happy and whole so he wasn’t willing to allow her secrets. Ms. Hoffa gave Gina a mate who was strong but not overwhelming. She gave Guiles a mate who was willing to do whatever necessary to protect those she loves. Together they were stronger and with time they were able to realize that even as they fought Gina’s past. This story was well written. It was full of love and perseverance. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Gina and can’t wait to see where Ms. Hoffa will take us next in this series.

                       Four Twinkling Stars

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