Monday, July 18, 2016

Defiant Loyalties by Elizabeth Wilde

Title: Defiant Loyalties
Author: Elizabeth Wilde
Publisher: Nine Star Press
Pages: 189
Genre: MM, Contemporary
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
All Jack Preston has ever wanted is freedom: from his father’s oppressive political reign, from his mother’s dying memory, from his own guilt in the part he’s played to get George Preston to the top. When an assassination attempt is made on his father’s life, Jack is thrown into a dangerous game of lies and espionage, and as his whole world destabilizes, he finds himself turning to the most unlikely person for help.
Alex—the assassin who started it all; the man whose face haunts Jack’s dreams—becomes his only ally. As they come together to fight a bigger enemy, Jack’s attraction becomes a risk too large to take and too powerful not to. Will falling in love with a dangerous killer play right into his enemy’s hands? Or will Alex risk everything to protect the son of the man he was sent to murder? Loyalties will be tested and sacrifices made, but Jack will learn that some things are truly worth fighting for.

Defiant Loyalties by Elizabeth Wilde has hot sex, action, adventure, and mystery all wrapped into one fast paced story that kept me turning the pages and wanting more.
Jack is the son of a politician. His father hates everything Jack is. Jack is gay, he is caring, and he is a political night mare according to his father. Jack long ago promised his dying mom he would always be in his father's side, but the more he learns about who his father is, the less he finds he can keep that promise.
Alex is a government assassin sent in to kill Jack's father. Only Jack gets in the way. They both have an attraction that makes Alex want to save Jack. Alex has a thing for strong, intelligent men who look smokin' in a suit and Jack is that and more.
These two are the most unlikely of lovers, but in the end they might be just what the other needs. I liked the pace of this book, not too fast or slow. I also liked Jack very much. Despite all that is done to him by his father he truly is a good character who deserves his happy ending. When you want an action packed book that will keep you wondering who is the bad guy this is the book to pick up. 

                 Five Shooting Stars

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