Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Damned if You Do by Marie Sexton

Title: Damned if You Do
Author: Marie Sexton
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: MM, Paranormal
Pages: 123
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
The path to temptation is paved with a hellish amount of paperwork.

Soul acquisition is a drag, but if Abaddon doesn’t catch up on his quota, he could be demoted to scooping poop for the Hounds of Hell. With a deadline hanging over him, he heads for the Bible Belt, looking for the perfect combination of sweetness and challenge.

Seth is a blind musician, part of a traveling tent revival. He’s cute, mystically talented, and quotes the Bible at every turn. His soul is pure enough to fill Abaddon’s quota for months to come, and Abaddon is determined to claim it.

The problem? There’s the revival foreman who watches Abaddon’s every move. Then there’s the mystery of Seth’s many unusual talents. Lastly, there’s Abaddon himself. He’s beginning to like Seth a bit too much. Maybe Seth deserves something better than damnation.

But Hell’s agenda isn’t negotiable, and time is running out. If Abaddon doesn’t play his cards right, he could condemn both of them to the worst fate of all—an eternity apart.

Warning: Contains a Bible-quoting twink and an irreverent devil who’ll do anything to avoid going “back to the office”. Also, snakes. Lots and lots of snakes.


Damned if you do by Marie Sexton is funny, creative, and sweet all at the same time. I loved Abaddon. He is snarky, and a realist all in one. I also loved the nod to a certain song I know and love that is in this book too. Did you know Hell had paper work on souls? Apparently they do. Abaddon is a soul collector of sorts. He is really bad at his job, and in danger of being demoted for it. So he really needs a good pure soul to redeem himself, cause who knows what the next level of Hell is for all he knows he could be washing Satan's car for the rest of his life.
Seth is a pure soul. Blind and has true faith in God. Loves to play the violin, and is gay. More and more with Seth's influence Abaddon starts doing good… Can a devil be redeemed?
I loved this story so much fun and humor in it. There is a sweet romance too to keep me turning the pages. When you want a different kind of MM romance I highly recommend this one. You will have a ton of fun reading it, I know I sure did. 

                         Five Shooting Stars 


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