Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Crushing on the Cowboy by Sarah M. Anderson

Title: Crushing on the Cowboy
Series: Rodeo Dreams, 1
Author: Sarah M. Anderson
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: MM, Contemporary
Pages: 118
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
As The Heartbreak Kid, Mitch Jenner is known as the biggest womanizer of all the rodeo cowboys—but it’s just an act to keep himself safe. In fact, Mitch is so afraid of coming out that he’s opted to stay single—and a virgin. He’s fine with being alone…until he meets the mysterious Paulo.

Paulo Bernardes is here to learn the American style of bull riding well enough to teach it back home in Brazil. A namorado—a boyfriend—will distract him from his goal, but he’s captivated by Mitch, who understands him even when they don't speak the same language. In return, Paulo wants Mitch to accept himself—and their relationship.

In private, Mitch yields to his attraction to Paulo and is rewarded with a heat and tenderness he comes to crave. But he still fears exposing their relationship. And as they grow closer, Paulo wonders how he'll live without Mitch once their time together is up—how he'll pick up the pieces of his heart when it's time to say goodbye.


Crushing on the Cowboy starts off the Rodeo Dreams series by Sarah M. Anderson. This is my first time reading anything by Ms. Anderson, I loved the character connection she brings to a story. I really like the pace, and how she weaves sensuality into the story making me feel the sexual tension.
Mitch is a bull rider. He is secretly gay. He is scared if he came out it would hurt his career. So he flirts with women, and pretends to be straight. He is not happy doing that, but he loves riding bulls too much to risk being his true self.
Paulo is from South America. He is learning how American ride and train with bulls. Where he is from being gay is not a bad thing. In Brazil, he is open about it and no one cares. He notices Mitch, and the chemistry between this is hard to deny.
I like how Paulo allows Mitch to be his true self. I think the major theme of this book is to accept who you are just as you are. I loved the pure hot romance in this book. I would love to read more in this series, I hope it is very soon!

                     Four Twinkling Stars

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