Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Bad Magic by Evelyn Elliott

Title: Bad Magic
Series: Spell Slave, 1
Author: Evelyn Elliott 
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: MM M, paranormal, fantasy
Pages: 161
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Morality is relative. At least that’s what young sorcerer Regis Teller convinces himself. He’s done what he must to survive: working for a witch since he was nine, helping her throw the kingdom into anarchy, and taking his only comfort in her mysterious son, Crow. And soon, Regis is going to commit his first murder.

A do-gooder named Jonathan White has information the witch needs, and it’s Regis’s job to get that information and slit Jonathan’s throat. But then Regis actually meets Jonathan. And Jonathan is perfect—a hero with a passion for justice and little regard for civility.

Lucky for Regis, Jonathan has a weakness for attractive men. Lucky for Jonathan, Regis is fast developing a conscience and a heart. But for Regis, keeping both of them alive at their adventure’s end means breaking a magical oath and surviving his ruthless boss—all without telling Jonathan the truth. Falling in love is never easy, especially when everyone involved is lying through their teeth.

Bad Magic starts off the series Spell Slave by author Evelyn Elliott. I really loved the magical, and dangerous world that Ms. Elliott has made here. Magic, dragons, wizards, love slaves, and humans all live in this world together. Finding their way.
Regis he would tell you, morality is relative. He is a self made sorcerer. He has worked his way up to where he is today. He is also very content with his life, always wanting to expand what he knows and test his powers.
Crow, now he is an interesting character. Not human, looks human. But created by magic. He is so much more than meets the eye. He can seem almost evil but really he is not. He is protecting those he loves the best he can.
Jonathan, well he is a typical hero. Good to the core. He has a passion for justice and for Regis. He and Regis have been lovers for a while now. Since Crow has left them both.
Crow is back now and asking for help. But before they can help Crow Regis is kidnapped by slavers. Now Jonathan and Crow must team up as master and slave to save him. I liked how two people who thought they were enemies could change that into passion. I liked that Crow is not always good, Jonathan needs that balance of sometimes being naughty in his life.
Over all this a great read, so many layers to this book. I cannot wait for more in this series! Exceptionally well written and easy to follow who is who, and such. I just want to know what happens next? 

                           Five Shooting Stars


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