Saturday, June 4, 2016

Taken &Tattooed by Stormy Glenn

Title: Taken & Tattooed
Series: Special Operations, 2
Author: Storm Glenn
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
Genre and Pairing: Contemporary and M/M
Word Count: 44,662
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, light spanking, HEA]
Deputy Robby Harrison wanted Wren Crivello from the moment they met, but no matter how hard he tries, Wren seems to only want to be friends. When Robby gets fired from his job by his brother, he suddenly realizes he’s chasing after a lost cause. In a fit of anger and depression, Robby ties one on at the local bar, only to wake the next morning in bed with a naked woman. Totally freaked out, Robby runs only to end up in the arms of the very man he was trying to forget.
Warned away from Robby six months ago, Wren tried to let things take their natural course. When Robby arrives home after being missing for hours, Wren loses the tight grip he had on his control. What follows is a wild ride that neither of them have any desire to stop.
When the dust settles, Wren is overjoyed that Robby is finally his. But someone else thinks that Robby belongs to them and they will do anything, including threaten Robby’s family, to keep Wren and Robby apart. The marine motto is "When everyone runs from danger, marines run towards it," and Wren has every intention of facing the danger head-on. He just has to keep Robby alive long enough to discover who is after him and why.

Wren and Robby are at a cross purpose but only one of them is aware of the miscommunication. But when secrets threaten their romantic connection will Wren step up and make sure Robby knows to whom he belongs to once and for all? In Taken & Tattooed the second installment of the Special Operations series by Stormy Glenn we find out just how far both men are willing to go.
I really enjoyed Wren and Robby. Wren didn’t follow his instincts and his actions lead Robby to believe he doesn’t feel as strongly about having a romantic relationship. And when efforts to protect Robby back fire, more than a romantic future is at stake. When Wren decides to stand by his man he does so with a vengeance. When he decides to follow his gut, a future with Robby is attainable. These characters fit. Robby accepted Wren as he is and even needs someone just like Wren. Wren accepts himself and realizes the his desires and needs dovetail nicely with Robby’s. Once they start talking and stop listening to others instead of each other, their future takes shape. Ms. Glenn provides us with a well-rounded and enjoyable story. I love these men and can’t wait to watch each one find their happily ever after.
                                  Four Twinkling Stars

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