Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Shining Star Award: Big Bad Millionaire by Saranna DeWylde

Title: Big Bad Millionaire
Series: The Woolven Secret, 1
Author: Saranna DeWylde
Publisher: Saranna DeWylde
Page Count: 316
Genre: Paranormal Romance, MF
Reviewer Name: Vela

Publisher’s Blurb

Blake Woolven is the bad boy CEO of Woolven Industries, but he’s badder than the luscious, BBW Randi Rutger would’ve guessed. After Woolven took down her father’s company and devoured it like a shaking rabbit, she’s determined to get close to him and make all the Woolvens pay for destroying her father. Blake knows Randi’s agenda, but the wolf inside him will do anything to have her. Even expose the Woolven family secret. When Randi sees Blake and his brothers shed their skins beneath the moon, she’s terrified. But it’s just what she needed to bring him low—that and the silver nitrate plasma gun her father designed. With her loyalties torn, Randi must choose between avenging her father and the big bad wolf who clawed his way into her heart.

In Big Bad Millionaire by Saranna DeWylde Randi Rutger feels determined to seek out revenge against the Woolvens, to pay for causing the death of her father. When she entered the office of Mr. CEO Blake Woolven, she didn’t expect a whirlwind of emotions to appear. The sexy CEO bad boy caused her knees to weaken and her heart to race. She must stay strong and protect her heart against his wolfish desires.
Blake Woolven was entranced with Randi since the beginning, especially after discovering she is his mate. Desperately wanting to turn her, he invites her over to his family’s company to keep her close. That’s when the true test of self control begins…
Saranna did a wonderful job with a powerful opening chapter. It hooked me on the first line. The author also did a wonderful job setting up different personalities with all the Woolvens, allowing the reader to truly understand their differences as a family. Keeping the plot line simple with enough conflict to keep the reader interested, Savanna wrote a book I would definitely recommend to other fans of paranormal romance.
                       Five Shooting Stars and a Reviewer's Choice Award

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